A famous former tronista from ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’ denounces the leak of a sex video

Silvia Sicilia, known as ‘ex tronista’ from the ‘Women and Men and Vice versa’ program, has denounced on social media that she has been a victim of leak of an intimate video that he recorded with his ex-partner five years ago. The Tenerife woman published a statement on her social networks on Tuesday in which she explained what happened and announced that the matter is already in the hands of justice. In addition, he made it clear that he is going to go after everyone who keep broadcasting the video or profit with its distribution.

Specifically, Sicilia published an extensive message on Instagram. “Do you remember what I defended so much about the non-broadcasting of videos about some television girl having sex? That they did not do it or at least did not contribute to the diffusion? Well that’s what they have done to me. I want to tell everything that has happened to me, because this will not be able to with me and I must do it not only for myself, but also for the many women who have suffered it and show that this should not bring down anyone who ever happens to it “, began the young Canarian, who participated in the Mediaset program at the age of 21, first as a suitor and later as a ‘tronista’.

Silvia Sicilia: “This will not be able to me, everything is denounced”

I have been the victim of the disclosure of a video with sexual content, about five years ago with my ex-partner. A spoiled video but to stay where it was our privacy, like any couple that is recorded. If they wonder if it was him, he denies it, says he does not know what could have happened, “he continued, before explaining how the video was disseminated.

“But I have focused on reporting the disclosure of the content. And no, there is no going back for those who have it and profit from making money with my body. Without any consent. Baiting my video under the title ‘Silvia Sicilia from‘ MyHyV ’fucking, spread this content at least 3 times and we will send it to you for free.’ And they did, ”Sicilia said at the time. “Now what I want is to show
my repudiation to all those people who have disclosed this content incurring an illegality. Everything is reported and now the legal process will indicate what to do”, Made clear the young woman, who has received numerous samples of support on social networks.

Sicilia insisted that the video was recorded in privacy, so no one has the right to share it. Finally, the young woman wanted to send a message to all those women who have experienced a similar situation, urging them to report without fear. “Sex is a natural thing that no one should be ashamed of. Stealing, hurting and lying … that is to be ashamed”, He sentenced.

Silvia Sicilia, former contestant of ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’.