A double threat looms over Athletic

Athletic went to sleep without knowing if there is a game today or not against Atlético de Madrid at the Calderón. Your attempt to landing last night at Barajas airport was unsuccessful, so the rojiblanca expedition had to turn around and return home. The lions went to sleep without knowing for sure whether or not they play at the Wanda Metropolitano today. After midnight there was no news about it either.

The rojiblanco club’s charter started more than an hour late from Loiu. His departure time was at 7:00 p.m., but until after 8:00 p.m. he could not take off. The lions landed hours later, but in Bilbao.

The problem arose upon arrival in Madrid, where, after circling the airspace of the capital several times, the Athletic plane landed given the state of the runways. The flight taken by the rojiblancos, as confirmed from Ibaigane, “took off almost an hour late, but with the initial assurance from the company that it was going to be able to land in Madrid. On the approach to land, after 30 minutes of waiting in the air and without the certainty of being able to land, the captain has recommended turning around and returning to Bilbao”.

The problem facing the Atlético de Madrid-Athletic dispute, scheduled for tomorrow at 4.15 pm, is getting worse. We will have to wait for events. The latest news from the rojiblanco club was that it was in contact with both the League and Atlético de Madrid to make a decision as soon as possible ”. The suspension of the meeting, in any case, did not seem to be the decision to be adopted by those responsible for the League.

athetic athletic preview

It is never a good time, footballingly speaking, to play for Wanda Metropolitano. The new mattress stadium, like the old Calderón before, has often choked Athletic since Simeone’s arrival on the local bench. Today, in addition, there is another serious threat of storm over the Madrid sky.

Caparrós resorted to the simile of visiting the dentist every time one of his teams had to go through either the Camp Nou, or the Bernabéu. The passing of the years has been turning this other rojiblanco fiefdom into a new tooth picking practice. In this League, more than ever also.

Atlético is the current leader of Primera, but, paradoxes of football, it comes from falling in the Cup against Cornellà, a Segunda B. Knowing his coach, the anger experienced by last Wednesday’s failure must have been monumental. Or maybe not. Simeone will surely have come to the conclusion in cold weather that this way less wear and tear on the always steep January slope. Extra reserves, therefore, for the League and Champions.

Marcelino makes his debut as Athletic coach away from home in this complicated scenario. A solid Atlético as always that scores more goals than ever thanks to the contribution made by Luis Suárez, cold and snow around the stadium, obvious problems in his new team when defending, Yuri’s loss due to injury … Said, a real visit to the dentist.

What was seen on Wednesday against Barça does not invite us to think about great displays of the lions at Wanda. Unlike. The first 20 minutes in San Mamés was good, but the games last 90 minutes