A dog learns to walk like humans after being run over

An authentic example of overcoming. This is the story of how Dexter, a dog that was hit by a car, learned to walk on two legs like humans.

When he was barely a year old, a vehicle wheel crushed his front legs and they were practically useless. Veterinarians had to amputate one of his legs and place surgical nails in the other. Everything seemed against him, and the situation was critical.

However, Kenteen Larson, the owner, who had recently had to euthanize two pets, did not want to give up with the situation Dexter was going through.

After different surgeries, in addition to a therapy and rehabilitation process that has lasted several months, Dexter walks with his owner Kenteen Larson through the streets of Colorado (United States) as a person. He does it leaning on his two back legs and making the neighbors of the area smile every time they see him walking.

This story of overcoming has captivated thousands of users of social networks, especially on Instagram, where the owner has created a profile of Dexter that has almost 70,000 followers.