A commentator of the Tour on TVE is going to urinate … and everything is heard live

A sensation of ‘earth swallow me’ will have been left by this television commentator of the Tour de France. And it is not for less. The situation has been really uncomfortable for both the protagonist and the viewers, who did not believe what happened.

It has been one of those episodes that will pass into the luggage of TV anecdotes worth remembering.

The fact is that one of the companions of the retransmission of the cycling event in TVE has had a serious unforeseen event. In the middle of the stage, he had the urge to go to the bathroom to urinate, but forgot to remove the microphone.

Thus, the result has been most hilarious. While Carlos de Andrés entered the Newscast at 1, the viewers who were connected to Teledeporte they could clearly hear a jet of liquid falling, the belt buckle and the zipper.

Everyone could see perfectly what was happening. The open mic was playing a trick on him.

Soon the scene has become viral through social networks, although the public has not given a chance to the comments that have emerged on Twitter.

The comments have been extremely witty, always with a great sense of humor. And is that a slip can have anyone.