A child takes his life after following the viral challenge ‘Jonathan Galindo’: “I’m afraid of the man in the hood”

Once again, a terrible incident highlights the birth of a new “horror challenge”; a game that proposes dangerous challenges and tests to follow, which can even involve self-harm.

This is the case of an 11-year-old Italian boy who died when he fell from a building, following a viral challenge from the account of Jonathan Galindo, known as “Human Goofy” and famous for encouraging his followers to perform a series of dangerous challenges, which in this case have led to the death of a minor.

According to local media, the boy opened the window of his house, climbed over the balcony railing and dropped into the void in the middle of the night.

The game usually consists of fulfilling a series of challenges, each time more serious and dangerous. Investigators have linked the boy’s suicide to viral gambling through videos and links to the game they found on phones, both from the victim’s mother and from her peers.

The same media say that the minor, before rushing through the balcony of his house, left a note apologizing to his mother and expressing the fear that he would have lived in the last hours of his life. “Sorry mom, I’m scared of the man in the hood”, he confessed in the note.

Having established that link with the game, the police are investigating the event that, if confirmed, would mean the birth of a new “horror challenge” widespread in the nets, similar to that of the “blue whale” that was of particular concern a few years ago.