A case of racism disrupts the previous hours of Bayern

A Bayern Munich youth coach, whose name has not been released, is under investigation by both the club and the Munich prosecutor’s office for alleged cases of racism and homophobia.

Bayern did not want to comment widely on the case due to an ongoing investigation, but has made it clear that if the accusations are proven, the implicated would be fired.

The words of a racist nature that appeared on Twitter and attributed to the investigated coach “do not correspond at all to the values ​​that the club defends,” Karl-Heinz Riummenigge, Bayern’s managing director, said today, very upset, before traveling to Lisbon in on the eve of tomorrow’s Champions League tie against Barça.

This matter bothers me, I must say it loud and clear

“This matter bothers me, I must say it loud and clear, because we must not forget that we are a club that has always been committed against racism,” said Rummenigge. “There will be consequences soon, our internal investigation will be closed quickly.”

A TV report, the origin

The case was brought to light by a West German Television (WDR) report, which subsequently led to prosecution investigations.

According to Der Spiegel magazine, Bayern officials received the first anonymous complaints against the coach in 2018.

Unconfirmed complaints

However, after asking the players and their parents, everything seemed to indicate that the coach was appreciated and no one spoke of cases of discrimination based on ethnic origin, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

A Bayern employee, whom the magazine quotes without identifying, maintains that this is normal because no one wanted to get into trouble with the coach.

Twitter gave him away

Some of the racist and homophobic expressions of the coach were collected on a Twitter account that bears his name, although it was not opened by him.

However, the expressions coincide with what some of those affected have subsequently told.

The coach, for his part, has also filed a complaint against the unknown for the use of his name in said account.