A captain specializing in historical goals

May It is a month full of celebrations for the Deportivo Alavés. Yes the 16th was the 19th anniversary of the Dortmund final and the 27 the 3rd of the Cup final, Today, Friday, May 29, the 4th of Babazorro’s last promotion to the First Division is completed.

Was the May 29, 2016, in Mendizorrotza, when the team then trained by José
Bordalás sealed his passport to the top flight on the penultimate league day thanks to the victory against Numantia (2-0). Manu
Garcia, in the 23rd minute, and Raul
Garcia, in 40, they scored. That day, the Alaves He signed his return to an elite that he abandoned in 2006, in the middle of the Hurricane Piterman.

Madrid black beast

The actual babazorro captain, which meets his eighth campaign at the club, is a specialist in historical goals. In addition, of the aforementioned promotion, two of which have already joined in First
Division Babazorro fans will never forget them.

The first of them served to inaugurate the Alavesista account in its current stage in the highest category. Was the August 21, 2016 in the already closed Vicente
Calderón, where nine months later El Glorioso was going to play the final of Cup. On the first league day, in 89, the Gasteiz player put the icing on the cake with a spectacular shot that served to draw an agonizing duel against the almighty Atlético de Madrid.

Manu It is a black beast for the two big clubs in the Spanish capital. On October 6, 2018, already in season 18-19, was also the author of the lonely goal which served to beat Real
Madrid in Mendizorrotza, in Gasteiz’s only victory against whites in the last four seasons. It was also on the last breath of the crash when, on a corner kick, he was more ready than anyone to head the ball to the back of the net. Without a doubt, another goal to his credit for history.

Three survivors

A lot has changed at the club in Vitoria in the last four seasons. Right now, only three footballers of those who managed to advance to Primera in the 15-16 course remain on the team. Are Manu
Garcia, Fernando
Pacheco and Victor
The guard. All three were part of the team’s backbone in that promotion, sealed four years ago today. The albiazul group was proclaimed champion of Second
TO with 75
points, followed by 74 of a Leganés trained by Asier

Captain Babazorro is the most veteran of the current staff and is the only one who has the honor of having participated in the last three great achievements of the team: promotion to Second A in season 12-13, promotion to First in the 15-16 and the cup final at 16-17. Also, it has always been key piece in the teams that, in the last three courses, have successfully achieved permanence.

Six are the survivors of the team that played the Cup final. To the Manu, Pacheco and The guardadd up Rodrigo
He and, Edgar
Mendez and Victor
Camarasa. The last two have returned to the club in the last transfer window in January.