A batch of the Astrazeneca vaccine is withdrawn after the death of a vaccinated woman

The Austrian authorities have suspended inoculations with a Astrazeneca Covid Vaccine Lot As a precautionary measure after the death of a woman that he had received a dose of the vaccine.

The 49-year-old woman died days after receiving the vaccine dose due to severe blood clotting disorders. In addition, the health authorities they are investigating the reaction of another woman, 35, who has developed a pulmonary embolism after receiving the vaccine, although she is currently in the process of recovery.

“Currently there are no indications of a causal relationship with vaccination,” explained the Federal Agency for Health Security (BASG). Austrian media reported that both women were nurses from the same clinic.

The country’s health authorities ask for calm and have reported that the possible side effects of the vaccine do not include clotting problems. Likewise, the affected batch of Astrazeneca vaccines has been recalled.