A Barça with the stamp of Saras

In the absence of completing the signing of the interior player who will complete the squad, Barça 20-21 will have all the strengths to become, despite budgetary adjustments, one of the great candidates for all titles. In addition to talent and depth, the team will have the stamp of another top-level coach like Sarunas Jasikevicius, whose style will surely define many things. These are some of the characteristics that their teams have:

Play well to win

The first difference from the current style is concept and Jasikevicius made it clear with his first sentences in his presentation. “We will give everything to make a good game, a winning basketball,” he said. Winning is the fundamental objective but not the only one. An attractive style is part of the DNA of Lithuanian basketball and Saras preaches with that non-result philosophy.

Motivating leader

“It was like God playing basketball. Nothing has changed, it remains the same, but as a coach, “said Paulius Jankunas, the benchmark veteran of Zalgiris a while ago. Saras has achieved, with his leadership and the respect that he has already achieved as a player, good wardrobe atmospheres. It was perhaps easier in a team like Zalgiris with very defined roles and players from the Lithuanian youth team or closely linked to the club. But it is also something he achieved with his participatory and open play. At Zalgiris nobody played outside their comfort zone and that is appreciated in a team. Like Obradovic, Saras is a master at magnifying the virtues of his teams and hiding the flaws.

Maximum demand

“We have to work to the maximum every day and so things are going to work out for sure,” Saras said in his presentation. The maximum demand and intensity is also the basis of his work, a quality that connects very well with the inheritance of another of his references (and friend) such as Zelko Obradovic, for whom he played in Panathinaikos. The similarities between the two are constant. “I worked with Saras twice: he has the same DNA as Željko. There are differences, but I enjoyed playing with him ”, said French point guard Leo Westermann after his experience in Kaunas.

Using the strategy

The use of strategy appears as one of the inheritances of Xavi Pascual, with whom he coincided in his second stage at Barça. The Zalgiris of recent years have been one of the best teams in plays after downtime in the Euroleague, with combinations of systems with blocks and back doors for trays, or in baseline kickoff actions.

Rich and balanced attack

The organized collective game stands out in its teams, with good use of spaces and on the weak side. Zalgiris has stood out for being a team with a good assists ranking and at Barça the presence of Calathes can magnify this characteristic. Technically, the use of the lateral ‘pick and roll’, the short central block to the pivot in the middle post to distribute or the search for superiorities near the basket with multipurpose players (as here they can be Claver or Hanga) are actions that define their offensive .

‘Four’, key position

The power forward position was important at Zalgiris, with players like the aforementioned Jankunas threatening from the high post or opening spaces, and it can also be with Mirotic at Barça. Everything will also depend on the interior player profile that is incorporated and the versatility that it can provide to define alternatives that could lead you to play even with two open interiors