A +6 misleading at Athletic’s goalscorer level

The goal is a pending subject in Athletic since Aduriz’s departure and even a little before it. The arrival of Marcelino to the bench caused a sudden reaction from the Bilbao team in the filmmaking side, but little by little things have returned to normal. The lions, in fact, have three games in a row without seeing a goal (Cup final and two in the League).

His Achievement baggage globally amounts to 20 goals in favor and 14 against. Of the many achieved, 12 had San Mamés as the stage. Athletic, curiously, scored more than half of those dozen goals in their first two home games with Marcelino on the bench (2 against Barça and 5 against Getafe).

In the aspect of goals received, the balance also leaves another curious fact. The 12 goals against are divided equally between San Mamés and outside. Half of those dozen targets received by Unai Simón, coincided with the dispute of Marcelino’s first three league matches in Bilbao (3 for Barça here and 2 there and the one for Getafe’s honor).