A 5-year-old boy steals the car from his parents and gets caught on the highway

Surreal history that comes from Utah, United States, where a five-year-old boy was arrested by the police on the highway after taking his parents’ car after an argument in which his mother said he would not buy her a Lamborghini.

The boy drove to California to go to a dealership to buy the car of his dreams and an agent tried to stop the driver after having exceeded the speed limit and drive erratically.

“One of our agents at Weber Co. made a traffic stop on what he thought was a disabled driver. Turns out it was this 5-year-old boy who somehow took the highway in his parents’ car. It went from the 17th with Lincoln in Ogden to the 25 St SB I-15 exit, ”they posted on the Twitter account of the Utah Highway Patrol, attaching a photo of the curious arrest.

“His story is that he left home after an argument with his mother, in which she told him that he would not buy her a Lamborghini. He decided he would take the car and go to California to buy one. It could have fallen short to buy it, since he only had three dollars in his wallet, ”they added in the profile of the Utah Highway Patrol.

The agent who made the detention of the child has explained that they are studying to present any lawsuit against the child’s parents for his irresponsibility in having his son under control, which could have caused an accident.

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