84 and Tarque join in ‘The Past’

‘Last’ is the third preview of the new 84 album, recorded live at Estudio Uno. A vitalist reflection – full of nostalgia and optimism – on the inevitable passage (and weight) of time, and that rests on harmony and melody with a marked American reminiscence.

With the collaboration of his admired Carlos Tarque -for whom the piece seems to be expressly written- the emotion overflows throughout the little more than four minutes of one of the most precious songs for the band.

In this way, ‘Last’ It becomes the third single from “Concerts in the back” after having released “Spring Flower” with Marlon and “A Casa” unpublished song.


The 84 return to the stage It is something as unexpected as it is logical. After having sold in just one hour the tickets for a single concert at Christmas last year (which in response to the demand became two) and a following date in La Riviera (Madrid) in June 2020 that sold out the tickets in a day, the Madrid band found that the repertoire of 84 is still alive in the memory of a whole generation that continues to enjoy the group’s songs, turned into pop hymns a decade ago, and that they are part of the soundtrack of the great public that embraces the trio’s return to the forefront of the music scene in our country.

84 and Tarque join in ‘The Past’

‘Spring Flower’ , the first preview of the next album from 84, recorded live at Estudio Uno and which counts for the occasion with the collaboration of the Asturian band Marlon. A love story told from the innocence of the first times that the 84 recover and revisit in this new album.

The new work of 84, which comes from the hand of the BMG record company, has been recorded in Estudio Uno and counts again with Josu García in the production and with Mark Janipka in the mixing and mastering, as already happened in his first two albums . All of this with the final icing on the cake of the participation of a cast of luxury friends and collaborators who have wanted to join in and celebrate this album, the band’s return, and thereby have raised it to another level.

84 and Tarque join in 'The Past'

84 and Tarque join in ‘The Past’

The sportiest test at 84:

1- Are you sports fans?

Much, all three. Mon is also a youth soccer coach (Chamartín FC) in his spare time.

2- Do you practice any?

Yes of course. Football with the team of colleagues, but already ´Football days´ mode. Paddle tennis, bike …

3- What team are you from?

Madridistas. And Beris also from Depor.

4- With which athlete would you like to collaborate?

We know that El Pirata Granero has musical tastes very similar to ours. Also from basketball, legendary Raúl López and Alex Mumbrú listened well! just like Llull or Rudy.

5- What great sporting event would you like to put a hymn to? (Champions League final, Superbowl …)

Olympics, clearly.

6- What stadium would you like to fill?

We were lucky enough to play at the Calderón. But Shakira filled it when we opened for her. The old San Mamés cathedral was beautiful. But new San Mamés also or Cornellá del Espanyol.

7- If you had to dedicate yourself to one sport, what would it be?

One that the three of us could go together. Bobsleigh.

8- With which athlete do you feel most identified? (for their values, their way of being …)

Rafa Nadal is undoubtedly ‘El Deportista’ with all the letters. Muhammad Ali, brave and inspiring. And George (the) Best, the rocker footballer.