8-M: The AFE inaugurates the ‘Equality Week’

The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) inaugurates this Monday, coinciding with International Women’s Day, the “Equality Week”, which will include various actions to “pay tribute to the increasingly important role of women in the world of football ”.

The initiative will open today with the launch of an institutional video in which they will participate Fernando Zambrano, president of the AFE schools and responsible for veteran care, and Faith Robles, president of the AFE women’s committee, the union reported.

Robles will present his vision of the development of women’s football within the activities of the week, in which tomorrow the male and female teams of the cadet category of the AFE Madrid School will play a match that he will attend Elena Contreras, arbitrator of the Iberdrola League, and two round tables are planned with the participation of active and retired players.

Lucia Padilla (former Atlético de Madrid player and sports director of the women’s section of the Carabanchel Soccer School), Natalia Pablos (former Rayo Vallecano player and AFE women’s soccer delegate), Cristina Auñón (Vallecano Ray), Sonia Majarí
n (Atlético de Madrid) and Soraya cruz (Pozuelo) will be the participants.

In the matches of the day next weekend, all the teams from the AFE Schools of Madrid, Córdoba and Murcia will wear a purple bracelet, the color that identifies International Women’s Day.