8-0: Cruz Azul passes over Arcahie

The cross
Blue of Mexico passed over the Arcahaie of Haiti and with an 8-0 win, qualified this Tuesday to the quarterfinals of the Champions league
the Concacaf, whose monarch will play the Club World Cup.

For the Blue of the Peruvian coach Juan Reynoso the Argentine Walter Montoya scored twice, the Peruvian Yoshimar Yotún, the Ecuadorian Bryan Angulo, the Paraguayan Juan Escobar and the Mexicans Alexis Gutiérrez, Elías Hernández and Josué Reyes.

The Mexicans, who were unhappy with the goalless draw in the first leg, and only in the third minute took advantage with a goal from Gutiérrez on an error by goalkeeper Camy Marcelin.

With a 71-29 possession of the ball, Cruz Azul worked the entire first half of the court forward against an opponent with many deficiencies.

In the 10th minute Yotún turned head to pass from Elías Hernández, who in the 25th accepted a serve from Adrián Aldrete and with a volley made it 3-0, an extended advantage in the 49th, in an error by defender Sylvenson Colin, who gave the ball to Giménez, exactly in the service to Montoya, author of 4-0.

Johnciny Desronvil fell to the ground and left the party helped with an oxygen tank, from which the Caribbeans showed extreme fatigue and accepted his surrender.

Santiago Giménez made two elegant assists for goals, converted by Josué Reyes, in 61 and by Walter Montoya, in 65 for 6-0, an advantage extended with a goal from Angulo in 69.

An elegant shot by Escobar in ’76 closed the account.

In the quarterfinals the Blues, who have six Concacaf titles, will face the best between the Leon and Toronto, who go 1-1.

8 – Cruz Azul: Sebastián Jurado; Adrián Aldrete (Juan Escobar m.46), Alexis Peña, Josué Reyes, Ignacio Rivero (Jaiber Jiménez m.60); Elías Hernández (Bryan Angulo m.61), Yoshimar Yotún (Rodrigo Huescas m.64), Guillermo Fernández (Roberto Alvarado m.46), Alexis Gutiérrez, Santiago Giménez, Walter Montoya.

Coach: Juan Reynoso

0 – Camy Marchesin; Gerson Gabriel (Alland Pierre m.61), Johnciny Desronvil (Wilder Delius m.54), Sylvenson Colin, Richkard Calixte (Alan Villiere m.54); Clifford Thomas, Olnick Alesy, Wendy Louis-Jean (Fabrice Latortue m.53), Dany Jean; Mylove Dorvilien, Richardson Thomas (Ose Charles d.17).

Coach: Michel Gabriel

Goals: 1-0, Alexis Gutiérrez (m. 3); 2-0, Yoshimar Yotún (m. 10); 3-0, Elías Hernández (m. 25); 4-0, Walter Montoya (d. 48); 5-0, Josué Reyes (d. 61); 6-0, Walter Montoya (m. 65); 7-0, Bryan Angulo (m. 69); 8-0, Juan Escobar (d. 76)

Referee: José Raúl Torres. He admonished Gerson Gabriel and Mylove Dorvilien.

Incidents: Second leg of the Round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League, held at the Azteca stadium in Mexico City, 2,240 meters above sea level.