66-77: Valencia surpasses ASVEL and takes the tournament

He Valencia Basket demonstrated on Wednesday his ability to adapt and, despite not being able to prevent the ASVEL Villeurbanne imposed his game mode in the clash they disputed, he won and the pre-season friendly tournament of the Euroleague that has hosted the Fonteta although this Wednesday I was a visitor.

Started the Valencia well run by Guillem do you live but it was difficult for him to have continuity in attack and that allowed the ASVEL, with just a couple of triples, will threaten his dominance of the scoreboard. But a basket from Nikola Kalinic and the appearance as another assistant of Dubljevic It gave the locals the boost they needed to open a little hole.

Mike’s brilliant appearance Tobey, with two triples, a basket in a row and two free throws in a row, widened that gap without the entry of Bako at ASVEL was enough to stop him (15-29, m.10).

But the inspiration of the American interior made Jaume’s team Ponsarnau in a more predictable set and when the French team took the measure and increased the aggressiveness of their pressure to the entire track, they cut their disadvantage.

He Valencia he remained calm and searched his options. Among them appeared the impetus of young Jaime Pradilla but also the experience of Kalinic. Combined both virtues, he reached the break with an advantage despite the fact that Antoine Diot he began to score with ease in some hoops in which he played at home (36-46, m 20).

In a somewhat disorderly restart, the serenity of Joan Sastre allowed the locals to maintain their distance despite the not always controlled momentum of the French team in both baskets. His desire to play fast put the game in a run that did not change the scoring balance (50-60, m.30).

In any case, the insistence on that hectic and physical rhythm was making the locals uncomfortable and a ‘two plus one’ by Fall opened the door to a tight end (60-65, m.34)

A couple of open shots, of do you live and Labeyrie, allowed Valencia to go ahead in the end. In addition, his defensive seriousness coupled with the lack of talent put by his rival allowed him to close the match without suffering.

66.- ASVEL Villeurbanne (15 + 21 + 14 + 16): Diot (11), Lighty (10), Lomazs (3), Yabusele (4), Fall (7) –five starter- Noua (-), Hayes ( 3), Bako (6), Howard (11), Cole (11) and Strazel (-).

75.- Valencia Basket (29 + 17 + 14 + 17): Vives (7), Sastre (11), Kalinic (8), Labeyrie (5), Dubljevic (14) -starting five- Pradilla (4), Van Rossom (2), Tobey (13), San Emeterio (6), Williams (1), and Hermannsson (6).

Referees: Pérez, Aliaga and Cortés. Without eliminated

Incidents: end of the friendly tournament ‘We’re Back’ of the Euroleague played in the Fonteta pavilion with a reduced capacity to 400 attendees and an entrance of 375. In the warm-up, ASVEL wore anti-racism shirts with the motto ‘Black Lives Matters’.