6-2: Olimpia thrashes Deportivo Táchira and passes with epic

Olympia qualified this Wednesday for the eighth of the Cup
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Tachira 6-2, a result that was close to epic as the Asuncion team needed a victory by four goals difference to continue in the tournament.

Richard Ortiz, with a double, was the figure of the Dean, in a vibrant match accompanied by the targets of Hugo Quintana, Derlis González from a penalty, and Isidro Pitta, also highlighted with another double. Deportivo Táchira, who played with 10 for a large part of the match, scored through Lucas Trejo and Douglar Angarita.

For the Venezuelans there was the consolation of going on to play the round of 16 of the South American Cup after the zero tie of the group leader, the Brazilian International, with the Bolivian Always Ready in a simultaneous match. Group B closes with Internacional at the top, with 11 points, Olimpia with nine, Táchira with the same, and the Bolivians with six.

The Dean broke in in search of the bulky difference that would classify him, with coach Sergio Órteman in the box, suspended for a previous expulsion. A great first half for the locals and played on the rival’s field, which in that period only penetrated the Dean’s with a great shot from José Luis Granados, in the tenth minute, which Alfredo Aguilar blocked.

Walter Rodrigo (Olimpia) controls the ball against Maurice Jesús Cova

Olimpia’s passing game was key in that domain in which the goalkeeper Cristopher Varela was confident until he received the first, in the 24th, after a head pass from Jorge Recalde that on the rebound was connected by Ortiz, who opened the marker with an impeccable head. Six minutes later came the third, a point-blank shot from Quintana to Recalde’s pass.

The Venezuelans tried to overcome with indecisive counterattacks and difficult to be taken advantage of by the attacking tandem formed by the Panamanian Freddy Gondola and Lucas Gómez. Very dangerous Olimpia also started the second act, locking up Táchira and with the Colombian Sergio Otálvaro again as the engine.

In one of those attacks, the referee Diego Haro whistled in 53 as a penalty a doubtful hand of defender Trejo that González executed without mercy. However, the Argentine would retaliate after seven minutes after a play originated by the incombustible Gondola who miscarried Otálvaro.

The foul executed by Maurice Coba was deflected by Trejo, dislodging Aguilar and with the 3-1 forcing the Asuncenos to hurry more. In 65, Táchira was left with one less with the expulsion of Francisco Flores, for a double warning. In that position, in 69, Pitta, in forced and complicated connection to the turnaround, made the fourth. And two minutes later the Viking, who had replaced striker Walter González in the first, crushed the fifth with a great goal. In the give and take it was the Venezuelans’ turn, now with Angarita’s goal, in the center of Edgar Pérez, who was also just out.

The numerical inferiority of Táchira was noted and Olimpia’s sixth came from a master threat from Alejandro Silva, cleared by the defense and from outside the area picked up by Ortiz, who launched a cross missile at Varela’s post.