6-2: Montenegro leads Independiente’s victory

The Ecuadorian Independent of the Valley on Tuesday accessed the third phase of the Libertadores Cup after beating the Chilean 6-2 in Quito Spanish Union, with three goals from Paraguayan Brian Montenegro and two from Argentine Lorenzo Faravelli.

The attackers Pedro Vite (m.3), the Paraguayan Montenegro (m.15, 30 and 99) and the Argentine midfielder Faravelli (m.39 and 56) gave the Ecuadorian team the victory. They discounted Víctor Méndez (m.55) and Patricio Rubio (m.60) for the rival. In the first leg played last Tuesday in Chile, the Spanish Union won 1-0.

Suffocating, simple, practical, precise and effective was the football proposed by Independiente del Valle until minute 55, on a discreet and irresolute Spanish Union that reacted and began to cut distances only until that moment when it was 4-0 down. The discount gave life to the “Hispanic” team from Chile, which ended the game with plays that generated complications for the Ecuadorian club.

The local dominated from the beginning and went ahead after a great action between Montenegro, who lowered the ball with his chest for Vite’s shot in minute 3. The insistence of Independiente allowed Paraguayan Montenegro to extend the score with a low shot and cornering to the right side of goalkeeper Diego Sánchez, after precise qualification of the Argentine attacker Christian Ortiz, in the 15th minute.

In a local attack, the Uruguayan defender Federico Platero committed a penalty on Beder Caicedo, Faravelli threw it and scored with a shot to the left side, in minute 30. Independiente extended the lead in the 39th minute with a shot from striker Montenegro, who caught a goalkeeper Sánchez rebounding after a shot by Argentine midfielder Cristian Pellerano.

The Chilean team cut in the 55th minute with a shot from Méndez who passed between defenders on the left side of the goalkeeper.

In the next action the local converted through Faravelli who, with subtlety, put the ball away from the goalkeeper, at 56 minutes.

Then Rubio scored the second goal for the Chilean eleven with a header in the 60th minute.

The Spanish Union played the last three minutes with one less, due to the expulsion of defender Stefano Agnasco.

In the last attack of the match, Montenegro achieved their treble in the 99th minute for the final 6-2.

6 – Independent of the Valley: Wellington Ramírez; John Jairo Sánchez (d.72, Anthony Landázuri), William Pacho, Richard Shunke, Luis Segovia; Cristian Pellerano (m.71, Nicolás Previtali), Lorenzo Faravelli, Beder Caicedo (m.63, Fernando Guerrero); Pedro Vite (m.63, Efren Mera), Brian Montenegro and Christian Ortiz (m.63, Jacob Murillo).

Coach: Renato Paiva.

2 – Spanish Union: Diego Sánchez; Federico Platero (m.46, Jonathan Villagra), Stéfano Magnasco, Thomas Galdames, Marcelo Jorquera (m.75, Mario Larenas); Alejandro Chumacero (m.46, Christian Palacios), Gonzalo Villagra, Luis Pavez (m.46, Víctor Méndez); Carlos Palacios, Patricio Rubio and Rubén Farfán.

Coach: Jorge Pellicer.

Goals: 1-0, Pedro Vite (m. 3); 2-0, Brian Montenegro (m. 15); 3-0, Lorenzo Faravelli, from a penalty (m. 30); 4-0, Brian Montenegro (min. 39); 4-1, Víctor Méndez (m. 55); 5-1, Lorenzo Faravelli (d. 56); 5-2, Patricio Rubio (m. 60); 6-2, Brian Montenegro (m. 99)

Referee: Wilmar Roldán, from Colombia, sent off Stefano Magnasco (m.95), for a double yellow and admonished Platero, Christian Palacios and Guerrero.

Incidents: Second leg of the second phase of the Copa Libertadores played at the Rodrigo Paz stadium, in Quito