50 points by now, synonymous with Europe

The victory against Celta allowed Real to reach the emblematic mark of fifty

The txuri urdin team achieves it, moreover, for the sixth time in the last decade, which confirms the growth of a team that did not always appear above fifty points with such assiduousness. Between 1997, when the victories were already worth three points and there were 20 teams in the League, until 2007, the year of relegation, for example, He only had 50 points or more in three of the eight seasons.

The current one will be third consecutive season that the Real finished with 50 points or above, the three with Imanol. The team has three points more than last season at this point and only two less than in the brilliant campaign 16/17 in which Eusebius led the Real to the Europe
League. In both cases it was classified in sixth position. Only in that season and in the 12/13 (55 points), in which the Real ended in Champions, the realistic set had more points than today at this point and whenever it came with 50 points to matchday 32 was synonymous with qualification for Europe: once a Champions (2013), another to the group stage of the Europe
League (2017) and another to the previous Europe
League (2014).

Last season, Real was sixth, adding only six more points at the end of the season (56) than it currently has, but everything indicates that this season they will not be enough and some more must be added to the pace they set Villarreal Y Betis. If Real wins three more games, it will force its two direct rivals to win four of the six games that remain.