5-0: Bahía thrashes Guabirá and assumes control of the group

The Bay Brazilian beat this Tuesday 5-0 at Guabirá Bolivian on the second day of the South American Cup of football and with four points he went on to lead Group B. The goals of the match were scored by Áleson (ms.8 and 79), Juninho (ms.40) and Marcelo Ryan (ms.65 and 71).

The match between Brazilians and Bolivians was played without an audience at the Pituaçú stadium in the city of Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia (northeast). On the first day of the group, Bahía drew 1-1 in their visit to the Uruguayan Torque, while Guabirá fell 1-3 in Montero against the Argentine Independiente.

The first goal came after eight minutes on a play by Thonny Ánderson, who released Áleson to open the scoring. In the 23rd minute, after a foul on the Ecuadorian Kevin Mina, the Chilean referee Cristian Garay sanctioned a penalty in favor of Guabirá that was collected by Salvador Mercado and saved by the local goalkeeper Matheus Teixeira.

Bahia’s second goal was completed in the 40th minute with a free-kick from Matheus Galdezani and Juninho beat the Bolivians in the air.

Heber Edgar Leños (Guabirá) controls the ball before the gaze of Matheus Galdezani

Those of Dado Cavalcanti controlled the possession of the ball in the second half, leaving no possibility of discounting the Bolivian team, trained by the Argentine Victor Andrada.

At 65 minutes, in a play by Áleson, the newly admitted Marcelo Ryan made it 3-0 with a header and in the 71st minute, in a combination with Renán Guedes, the same attacker left goalkeeper Saidt Mustafá with no chances for him. 4-0.

After the expulsion of Bolivian Jéfferson Ibáñez, Bahía increased to 79 minutes with Áleson, after a previous play by Daniel and Marcelo Ryan, to decree the lapidary 5-0.

Bahía kept up the pressure and Matheus Galdezani, Jonas and Paraguayan Oscar Ruiz, on two occasions, were able to extend the win.

The game that will close the second day in the group will be played this Wednesday by Independiente, who has three points, and Torque.

On the next day, the third of the group, Bahía will host Independiente on May 4 and the following day Montevideo City Torque will host Guabirá.