362.4 km / h: Zarco exceeds the speed of a Japanese bullet train

The 1,068 meters of the Losail straight are a perfect take-off track for the MotoGP racers to fly every year at speeds that even Valentino Rossi describes as “dangerous”, And this Saturday in his fifth passage through that point of the circuit in FP4 Johann Zarco has overcome the barrier of 360 km / h with his Ducati GP21 to set the new speed record at 362.4 km / h . ANDso yes then he has been unable to stop the motorcycle to trace Turn 1 and has gone to the loophole that fortunately in this circuit is very big.

To compare what it means to reach that speed this past July, Japan launched its new Shinkansen bullet train the N700S with a new design and the hook was that it reached 360 km / h.

The previous record was held by Andrea Dovizioso from FP3 of the Italian GP at Mugello And then those 356.7 km / h that he marked in San Donato with the Ducati were already considered a stupid, but two generations after the Desmosedici on the Losail circuit they are crossing the 350 km / h barrier as if it were the most common.

Zarco has in his favor that being a small and compact rider he fits aerodynamically well on the Ducati GP21 and already in the test it issued a warning when it reached 357.6 km / h, then a new unofficial record. And he is expected to continue breaking records on two tracks that are usually favorable for them due to their long straight, Mugello and Barcelona.

So far as a Grand Prix, the four riders who wear the Ducati GP21 hhave crossed the 355 km / h barrier nine times in that Losail fastball. After Zarco’s 362.4 are Jorge Martin’s 358.4, Miller’s 357.6 km / h and at 356.4 km / h Miller, Martin and Zarco arrived again.

Bagnaia, who also reached 355.2 km / h in Q2, acknowledged that “if we reach 360 here, it is difficult to think what will happen in San Donato in Mugello because I think Johann left long because he was going with such speed that he was not able to brake. I do not consider it to be more dangerous because we are riding a very futuristic motorcycle with the best specifications and parts. I don’t think it’s a danger “

Viñales Nor does he consider it a danger: “Now there is a lot of safety with Michelin tires and in general terms we will see what will happen at Mugello, it will be difficult to control the bike but everything is very safe, the track is wide and theoretically no problem.”

Valentino rossi he is not of the same opinion: “If 330 was already very dangerous, 360 is an incredible number. Motorsport fans are very excited by these numbers, but of course it is dangerous. “



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362.4 km / h Johann Zarco (Fra / Ducati) Qatar GP (Losail) 2021 FP4

356.7 km / h Andrea Dovizioso (Ita / Ducati) Italian GP (Mugello) 2019 FP3

356.5 km / h Andrea Dovizioso (Ita / Ducati) Italian GP (Mugello) 2018 race

356.4 km / h Andrea Dovizioso (Ita / Ducati) Italian GP (Mugello) 2018 FP2

354.9 km / h Andrea Iannone (Ita / Ducati) Italian GP (Mugello) 2016 race

351.2 km / h Andrea Iannone (Ita / Ducati) GP Qatar (Losail) 2016 Wup

350.8 km / h Andrea Iannone (Ita / Ducati) Italian GP (Mugello) 2015 FP4

350.5 km / h Marc Márquez (ESP / Honda) Qatar GP (Losail) 2015 race

349.6 km / h Andrea Iannone (Ita / Ducati) Italian GP (Mugello) 2014 FP3