3-3: Peru eliminates Paraguay and will play the ‘semis’ against Brazil

Selection of Peru qualified this Friday to the semifinals of the America Cup for the fourth time in the last five editions after winning a 4-3 penalty shoot-out over that of Paraguay at the stadium in the Brazilian city of Goiania after equaling 3-3 in regulation time.

It was a game played with clenched teeth, full of momentum and with many moments of good football. The Peruvians stayed with the classification thanks to an accurate shot from side Miguel Trauco after the Peruvian goalkeeper Pedro Gallese saved a shot to the Paraguayan Alberto Espínola.

In the penalty round, the Paraguayans Ángel Romero, Junior Alonso and Robert Piris scored, and Hétor Martínez, Braian Zamudio and the aforementioned Espínola failed. For Peru, Gianluca Lapadula, Yoshimar Yotún, Renato Tapia and Miguel Trauco scored, and Santiago Ormeño and Christian Cueva missed.

During the match, Peru’s goals were scored by the Italian-Peruvian Lapadula, at 21 and 40 minutes, and by midfielder Yotún, at 80, while for Paraguay the figures were matched by Gómez, at 11, Alonso, at 54, and Ávalos, at 90.

At the Pedro Ludovico Olympic Stadium, in Goiania, Peru showed his best minutes of the Copa Améric, against a fierce Paraguay, which always was in front and fought for a better result, even when he was left with ten players due to the expulsion of Gómez at the end of the first half.

Paraguay opened the account in the 11th minute of play, after a corner headed by Martínez was blocked by Gallese and the loose ball was converted with a forehand from Gómez on the goal line.

The Paraguayans were able to increase the count to 17 with a powerful shot by Arzamendia that went wide, although Peru took the first warning the next minute when goalkeeper Silva managed to deflect a powerful shot sent from the goal with his fingertips. edge of the area by Peña.

However, at 21 ‘Bambino’ Lapadula appeared for the first time to score a low cross sent from the right by Carrillo, who had surpassed Cardozo based on skill. After the draw, there was a struggle between the offensive momentum of the Paraguayans and the technical ability of the Peruvians, which was only broken at 40, when Lapadula again sent a powerful shot from the left after receiving a deep pass from Yotún after an excellent play of skill from Carrillo.

Santiago Ormeño from Peru disputes the ball with Espínola and Richard Sánchez

When two additional minutes were played, Uruguayan referee Ostojich showed a second yellow card to defender Gómez, after a foul on Lapadula. With the pulsations at the top, the Paraguayans went into the second half at full speed to seek parity and made them forget their numerical inferiority until they tied again at 54 with a shot from Junior Alonso after another corner kick.

The goal led Peru to the front, with a touch game between Cueva and Carrillo, while the entry of Mexican-Peruvian Santiago Ormeño boosted the offense alongside Lapadula. In this way, the imbalance for Peru reached 80 minutes when midfielder Yoshimar Yotún sent a powerful shot that hit a Paraguayan defender and dislodged goalkeeper Silva.

At 85, both teams were left with ten players after the referee sent André Carrillo off after committing a foul on a hotly contested ball in midfield. This expulsion was a shock for Paraguay, who went to the front and achieved a heroic draw in the 90’s with a shot from Gabriel Ávalos almost on the edge of the goal line.

With the result of 4-3 achieved on penalties, Peru will play one of the semifinals of the 47 Copa América with the winner of the match between Brazil and Chile.

3 – Peru: Pedro Gallese; Aldo Corzo (m.90, Gilmar Lora), Christian Ramos, Anderson Santamaría, Miguel Trauco; Yosimar Yotún, Renato Tapia, Sergio Peña (d.60, Santiago Ormeño); André Carrillo, Christian Cueva and Gianluca Lapadula.

Coach: Ricardo Gareca

3 – Paraguay: Anthony Silva; Alberto Espínola, Gustavo Gómez, Junior Alonso, Héctor Martínez; Richard Sánchez (m.83, Gabriel Ávalos), Mathías Villasanti (m.79, Robert Piris), Ángel Cardozo (m.46, Robert Rojas), Santiago Arzamendia (m.83, Julio Enciso); Ángel Romero and Carlos González (d.67, Brian Zamudio).

Coach: Eduardo Berizzo

Goals: 0-1, Gustavo Gómez, (d. 11); 1-1, Gianluca Lapadula (d. 22); 2-1, Gianluca Lapadula (m. 40); 2-2, Junior Alonso (m. 54); 3-2, Yoshimar Yotún (d. 80); 3-3, Gabriel Ávalos (d. 90

Penalties: Romero: goal (1-0). Lapadula: goal (1-1). Alonso: goal (2-1). Yotún: goal (2-2). Martínez: failure (2-2). Ormeño: failure (2-2). Zamudio: failure (2-2). Tapia: goal (2-3). Piris: goal (3-3). Cave: failure (3-3). Espínola: failure (3-3). Trauco: goal (3-4).

Referee: Uruguayan Esteban Ostojich admonished Santamaría, Gómez, Villasanti, Cueva, Espínola and Carrillo. He sent off Gustavo Gómez at 45+, for a double yellow, and André Carrillo at 85.

Incidents: first match of the quarterfinals of the Copa América played at the Pedro Ludovico Olympic Stadium in Goiania.