3-1: Junior qualify against a depleted Caracas

With the goals of Miguel Angel Borja, Teófilo Gutiérrez Y John pajoy the Junior de Barranquilla beat a decimated 3-1 this Wednesday Caracas and advanced to the third round of the Libertadores Cup in which he will quote with the Bolivian Bolivar.

The Colombian team found today a rival decimated by the covid-19 since 11 members were positive in an evaluation they underwent last Sunday, four days after the first leg that the Venezuelans lost by 1-2. Among those absent today, the Venezuelan team showed the gaps of Beycker Velásquez, Edson Castillo and Leonardo Flores, who were starters eight days ago.

The road to victory was opened today by Borja who, three minutes after the first half, scored a header from a pass from Fabián Viáfara, a defender who is used to attacking. That goal was a balm that relieved Junior, who a week before had won with suffering and difficulties.

Fredy Hinestroza (Junior) disputes a ball with Eduardo Fereira

The second target was the work of Teo, the team’s other gunner, who capitalized on a counterattack started in his own field after 75 minutes. Five minutes from the end, Caracas scored a penalty through Samson Akinyoola, but four minutes later John Pajoy put the final 3-1 with which the locals came out to celebrate.

The local team had the first chance to score through Fredy Hinestroza, who with a powerful left-footed shot smashed the ball into the crossbar of the goal defended by Venezuelan Cristhian Florez. It was barely 3 minutes.

Although Junior was the owner of the field, Caracas was shaken with a shot by Eduardo Fereira that burned the hands of Uruguayan Sebastián Viera. Teófilo Gutiérrez, who did not play in the first leg, today multiplied and was a constant headache for the visiting defense, who went to the fouls to stop their excursions to the Florez premises. On the 20th minute Junior had another chance to open the scoring but Venezuelan Luis ‘Cariaco’ González’s shot went over the top.

Until the first third of the game the trident formed by the Nigerians Kwaku Bonsu Osei, Samson Akinyoola, and the Ghanaian Ade Oguns, Samson Akinyoola did not weigh in the game, so Caracas looked light in attack. The one who managed to untie the knot of the match was Barrera by hunting down a Viáfara center that gave peace of mind to the locals, who went to rest with the partial victory.

The second part was a carbon copy of the first. Junior trying to increase the advantage while Caracas sought to equalize but without achieving anything. The locals gained more weight in the attack because Borja appeared more frequently, who had at least two shots, one of them in the 70th minute from Teo Gutiérrez.

3 – Junior: Sebastián Viera; Fabián Viáfara, Willer Ditta, Germán Mera, Gabriel Fuentes (d.56, Edwuin Cetré); Fabián Ángel, Didier Moreno (m.77, Larry Vásquez), Fredy Hinestroza, Luis ‘Cariaco’ González (m.73, Fredy Pajoy); Teófilo Gutiérrez, Miguel Borja (d.76, Carmelo Valencia).

Coach: Luis Amaranto Perea

1 – Caracas: Cristhian Flores; Sandro Notaroberto, Diego Osío, Carlos Rivero, Eduardo Fereira; Junior Moreno, A.C. Prado, Kwaku Bonsu Osei, Luis Ramírez (m.75, Manuel Sulbarán); Ade Oguns, Samson Akinyoola

Coach: Noel Sanvicente

Goals: 1-0, Miguel Borja (m. 42); 2-0, Teófilo Gutiérrez (m. 75); 2-1, Samson Akinyoola (d. 85); 3-1, John Pajoy (d. 90)

Referee: Argentine Mauro Vigliano admonished Fredy Hinestroza.

Incidents: Second leg of Phase 2 of the Copa Libertadores played behind closed doors at the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla