3-1: Independiente leads Group B with a perfect pace

Independent of Avellaneda was consolidated this Wednesday with 6 points out of 6 possible as leader of Group B of the Libertadores Cup by defeating the comeback 3-1 Torque Uruguayan, which ranks third with one.

The area is completed by Bay Brazilian with 4 integers and the Bolivian Guabirá without adding yet.

Gustavo del Prete put Pablo Marini’s pupils ahead today at 49 minutes.

But Silvio Romero equalized in 63, in 71 Jonathan Herrera increased and in the 91st minute the match was sentenced with an own goal by Diego Arismendi.

The first half passed with an inconsequential game in the middle of the court.

The young Montevideo City Torque attacker Marcelo Allende was the first to show his claws, at 20 minutes, with a shot that went high.

It was a declaration of intent from a team that debuted this year in international competition and faced the King of Cups.

Undaunted, the quality of the Uruguayans led them to attack in the final minutes of the first half when Falcioni’s men gave up the ball without much opposition.

The 25-year-old visiting midfielder Franco Pizzichillo showed self-confidence and left only one teammate in front of the goal in a small area, but Independiente goalkeeper Sebastián Sosa sent it to a corner.

The clearest of Independiente in that stretch of play came from set pieces, with two heads from midfielder Gastón Togni, who despite his good actions was substituted at half-time.

Torque’s pressure was rewarded when he returned from the locker room, when a great pass from Allende enabled center forward Gustavo Del Prete, who beat Sosa in hand-to-hand with a shot at the near post.

But the advantage and the Uruguayan illusion did not last long.

Torque’s goal woke up the seven-time champion of America, who was behind on the scoreboard at home against a rookie in the second continental competition.

After several occasions, Red found the tie thanks to an error by goalkeeper Cristopher Fiermarín, who served badly and gave the ball to the Reds in three quarters of the court, which left the celestial defense sold.

Silvio Romero converted the goal and showed the way for Uruguayan defensive weaknesses.

Immediately came the 2-1, with a rebound to a shot by Lucas Romero that Jonathan Herrera found himself in a small area to score at pleasure.

In added time, Torque ended up self-destructing with a goal against defender Diego Arismendi in a corner, which closed the scoring.