3-0: Boca thrashes The Strongest and gets into the second round


Juniors fulfilled the triumph he needed and thrashed this Wednesday 3-0 at The
strongest Bolivian player to qualify for the round of 16 of the Cup
Liberators as second of Group C.

Agustín Almendra, Colombian Sebastián Villa and Juan Gabriel Valverde, in their own goal, scored the goals of the Argentine team, which sealed the classification of the sixth club of this country to the next phase.

After this result, Boca Juniors totaled ten points and was behind the Ecuadorian Barcelona, ​​which accumulated thirteen. Santos was left with six like The Strongest, but the Brazilian team reached the knockout stages of the Copa Sudamericana by better goal difference.

Xeneize, which on Monday will play the semifinal of the Professional League Cup against Racing Club in search of continuing their path to the local three-time championship, achieved the goal, which had been complicated after the last two defeats against Barcelona and Santos as a visitor and the goalless draw at home against the Ecuadorian team.

The match began to explode for Boca Juniors because in minute 3 he managed to open the scoring with a furious shot from Agustín Almendra from the edge of the area that entered the upper left corner of the goal defended by Daniel Vaca.

The local put together almost a monologue when handling the ball, but The Strongest had his opportunity in a defensive distraction that ended with Willie connecting the ball to the net but in an advanced position and sanctioned by the Chilean referee Roberto Tobar.

Bruno Cittadini (Boca) disputes a ball with Silvio Torales

At 44 minutes the second came for Xeneize with an acceleration from Frank Fabra, who gave a touch to Villa in a Colombian combination that ended with a great definition from the latter. Boca continued to manage the times and in the 55th minute he managed to extend the advantage thanks to an overflow from Villa who, after escaping from the Spanish defender David Mateos, made a low center that ended with Gabriel Valverde pushing the ball into his own goal in the effort for clearing it.

The process of the match did not change the result and had only as color data the injury of the referee Roberto Tobar, which forced the assistant Nicolás Gamboa to take the reins of the game.

For Boca Juniors, before the break for the Copa América, it will be next week the definition of the Professional League Cup, where it will play one of the semifinals against Racing Club next Monday. For The Strongest, already eliminated from the continental tournaments, his attention will be on the Bolivian tournament where Tigre is one of the three leaders along with Bolívar and Nacional Potosí with 16 points.