2020 British GP F1: Qualifying result

There are days when the sun shines brighter for Valtteri Bottas than for the rest. And generally, when that happens, Hamilton seems to be seized by his nerves. This Saturday seemed to be one of those days when the Finn was more inspired than usual. One of those moments that Valtteri he brings out his best version and casts doubt on his boss, the 6-time world champion. The ‘77’ led the third training session and in the ‘qualy’He started sending before Lewis in Q1. In Q2, Hamilton he seemed beside himself. Nervous, he spun on his first try and had to risk it on the end with the medium tire so as not to have a strategic disadvantage in the race with a Bottas who had met the track record with the average rubber. But Lewis you should never underestimate him. He always brings out his best version in the worst moments. When he seems more caged and more prey to the tension of the moment, the champion inside him comes out to crush. And this time, on the circuit of his house, he did it again. At the right moment, when the pulse trembles the most and the heart beats at a thousand an hour, the Englishman, with cold blood, took a volley in front of the ‘squire’ Bottas to conquer pole in the
F1 British GP of 2020.

Again Lewis Hamilton surpassed Valtteri When you really have to do it, at the key moment, to continue undermining the morale of a Valtteri than another year, it seems difficult that he will be able to take the title from English despite his insistence and desire. There is no point scoring goals in training. What counts is who scores the penalty in the 90th minute. And unlike Bottas, Lewis rarely fails there.

In the last attempt of Q3, Bottas set the record in the first sector, but Hamilton already had the marker in his hand to paint the second sector purple and end the options of his Nordic partner.

A record Lewis

This Saturday is the third consecutive pole for the reigning world champion, who has everything on his face to conquer his third victory of the year out of four possible in a circuit where last year he won despite losing the pole to Bottas, triumphing in the race for a strategy with the ‘safety car’ by Mercedes that harmed ‘77’ and gave wings to ‘44’.

Lewis This Saturday added his pole number 91, enlarging his legend and expanding his enormous advantage as a pilot with the most poles in history, leaving Michael Schumacher with about 68 that next to those of the British perish you have little. Precisely, this Sunday Stevenage’s has the opportunity to get even closer to the German record of triumphs (91), going for his 87th victory. In addition, he can match the record of Jim Clark achieving his eighth ‘Great Chelem’.

Lewis Hamilton, pole at the 2020 F1 British GP
Lewis Hamilton, pole at the 2020 F1 British GP

Mercedes’ insulting superiority: 1 second with Max

The superiority of Mercedes it was insulting with Hamilton leaving more than a second to third place, the Max’s Red Bull
Verstappen, that despite having a good pace ahead of Sunday, it seems almost impossible that he can do anything to avoid another victory for Mercedes. The thing is between Hamilton and Bottas, with Lewis as a great favorite, as always.

Sainz, 7th

In fourth place will be a good Charles Leclercwhich again made the most of a Ferrari very poor, who is still far from the best. Vettel, sunk in tenth place, he can only smile a little for the race when leaving with the middle rubber. For his part, the Monegasque will also start with the medium compound but aware that his Ferrari improved yesterday by putting one more ‘set up’ of classification that today can harm him.

Right behind will be Lando Norris (5th)first McLaren, a position that once again demonstrates the step forward taken by the English this course, confirmed here, near its headquarters Woking.

This square could have been perfectly for a Carlos Sainz that shone in Q2 with a great time, but that in the final attempt of Q3 he could not gather his best sectors, losing the car behind “in 2 or 3 corners when pulling”, something that according to the Spanish made him lose time on the straight. However, the Spanish ended up happy for having felt more comfortable behind the wheel of a car with which he knows that this Sunday he can aspire to a good result.

Sainz was pleased with the improvement in his sensations, the move to the front of McLaren, but could not put together his best lap in Q3
Sainz was pleased with the improvement in his sensations, the move to the front of McLaren, but could not put together his best lap in Q3

Albon and Hülkenberg give McLaren more options

It would help the podium aspirations of McLaren that the race was just as crazy and exciting as last year, with a safety car on the track and full of melee fights. And it also helped that two of those who should be fixed in the top 6 failed.

The first, the Red Bull by Alex Albon, who with morale totally sunk by his FP2 accident, and almost no time to shoot in FP3 due to a battery problem, went out to classification with everything lost and corroborated his bad feelings by staying out of Q3, starting 12th east Sunday.

Also both Racing Point they should be upstairs but Hülkenberg, who substituted Pérez for the Mexican positive for coronavirus, could only be 13th. However, both the Thai and the German will start this Sunday with freedom of choice of tires, something for which they should plant a serious battle for the Top-5.

Is a McLaren podium possible?

The podium for McLaren It is possible if things happen out of the ordinary, but the fight for the third drawer should be between Verstappen and a Lance Stroll which will start with a better strategy. The Canadian will start sixth, but he will do so after gambling in Q2 making his second attempt on medium tires, accessing Q3 by a miracle for a single thousandth, tying the time with a Gasly that was left out. This will allow you to take advantage of your good car to go for Max, although you must first deal with Norris, Leclerc and a Sainz who will go all out behind him wanting to star in another great start.