2-4: Bahía says goodbye with defeat and nine players

The Bay Brazilian, who ended up on the field with nine players, said goodbye this Wednesday to the Cup
South American of football with a defeat at home, by 2-4, against the Uruguayan Montevideo
Torque at the closing of Group B.

Forward Thonny Ánderson and experienced winger Nino Paraiba, in the first minute of each half, scored for Salvador’s ‘Tricolor’, while Franco Pizzichillo, at 24 minutes; Santiago Scotto, in 38, Chilean Marcelo Allende, in 76 and Argentine Natanael Guzmán, in 91, converted for the visitors.

Both teams needed a victory and that the Argentine Independiente de Avellaneda, in the other match on the sixth and last day, lost at home to Bolivian bottom Guabirá.

The duel between the Buenos Aires team and the team from the Bolivian city of Montero ended with a local victory by 1-0, a result that left Avellaneda’s “red” with fourteen points classified for the round of 16, the Uruguayan capital with eleven , the Brazilians with eight and Guabirá without points in the background.

The ‘dressing room’ goal in the first minute of play for Bahía was converted by Thonny Ánderson, who took advantage of an error by goalkeeper Gastón Guruceaga and, later, a perfect pass from Thaciano.

The tie came in the 24th minute when Pizzichillo took advantage of an oversight by the Bahia defense and scored without major difficulties over goalkeeper Mateus Claus.

Rodriguinho (Bahia) disputes a ball with José Álvarez

In the 28th minute, Paraguayan referee Mario Díaz De Vivar sent Matheus Bahía off for a double yellow card.

The Uruguayan club, which belongs to the Manchester City sports group, took the lead in the 38th minute in a play started by Argentine Gustavo Del Prete, followed by José Álvarez – former player of the Brazilian club ABC de Natal – and culminated by Scotto.

In the second half, the cast led by Dado Cavalcanti equalized in the first minute, when Daniel enabled Nino Paraiba and the side got 2-2.

At 52 minutes, Bahía lost its second player with the expulsion of Argentine defender Germán Conti, who received a direct red card for a foul on Darío Pereira.

In the 64th minute, goalkeeper Guruceaga was sent off, forcing visiting coach, Argentine Pablo Marini, to send reserve goalkeeper Cristopher Fiermarín to the field and move some of his chips to rearm his team.

The third visitor goal came in the 76th minute in a combination of Yonatthan Rak and Guzmán, in which Allende defined. El Torque sentenced in injury time when goalkeeper Fiermarín launched a free-kick from his field, Juninho Capixaba missed on defense and the ball reached Guzmán, who put the fourth.