2-2, Sporting gets confused and lets slip a victory against ‘Ponfe’

Real Sporting de Gijón saw how in just over five minutes they he missed a victory that he had put on track with a 0-2 as soon as the second part begins, but first an error by Diego Mariño and then a play with video refereeing in between allowed Deportiva to score a point that, however, does not allow them to be in the promotion phase.

The visiting team, which arrived with the significant loss of its scorer and top scorer of LaLiga SmartBank, Uros Djurdjevic, was the victim on this occasion of his lack of defensive strength.

The Asturians were the ones who took the tone of the meeting more quickly, taking the initiative and starting to create problems on the portal of José Antonio Caro with a shot by Pablo Pérez who stopped the local goalkeeper down.

Only moments later, the Sevillian goalkeeper had to shine by putting a great hand to shot with a lot of intention from NAcho Mendez.

There would still come a third visitor opportunity slightly exceeded the first quarter of an hour with a shot from outside the area of Pedro who went near the crossbar of the blue and white goal.

Little by little Deportiva was recovering the ball and a good delivery to the area of Curro Sánchez in the 23rd minute found Sergio Aguza in the area, whose auction in semichilena forced Diego Marino also to reach out and put out a hand correctly.

The match had been balanced until an in-depth dispatch over Pablo Pérez was cut off by José Antonio Caro run overdo to the striker and resulting in the maximum penalty that he transformed Pedro Diaz, despite the goalkeeper guessing the launch.

The situation was even more complicated for the locals with the injury of the midfielder Oscar Sielva on the brink of rest, which forced, after passing through the changing rooms to vary Jon Pérez Bolo his scheme, giving entrance to Gaspar Panadero.

The resumption held strong emotions, first with the Asturian goal when heading Pablo Pérez a launch of lack of Pedro Díaz to put the 0-2, but in just over five minutes, Deportiva found the unexpected, first shortening the disadvantage with a very distant shot from Curro Sánchez that he bounced to Mariño and later with a ball that reached Pablo Valcarce to make it 2-2.

After the pertinent consultation to the video arbitration the referee Hernández Maeso ended up conceding the goal when the ball came to a rival’s striker from Bercia.

The match was already broken and if Ponferradina first warned, then another controversial play came, since after Sporting scored the so much was annulled for possible foul of Babin on Yuri, putting the icing below Manu Garcia with a play to frame the Asturian who ended up adorning himself too much.

Sporting played the offensive trick in the last minutes with three changes with an attacking vocation and was able to win a prize, especially in a shot by Javi Fuego that Caro rejected point-blank, which also responded to another good auction moments after Carmona.

The same protagonist put the last visitor chance, already in the wide six-minute discount due to the continuous interruptions, when he finished inside the area at the half turn very close to the goalkeeper’s long post.


2- SD Ponferradina: Expensive; Paris, Amo, Pascanu, Moi Delgado; Curro Sánchez (Juergen, M. 87), Sielva (Gaspar Panadero, M. 46) (Doncel, M. 72), Larrea (Erik Morán, M. 68), Aguza (Dani Romera, M. 87); Pablo Valcarce and Yuri.

2- Real Sporting Gijón: Mariño; Bogdan, Babin, Valiente, Saúl García; Pedro Díaz (Cristian Salvador, M. 83), Javi Fuego; Nacho Méndez (Carmona, M. 83), Manu García (Pablo, M. 93), Gaspar (Aitor García, M. 83) and Pablo Pérez (Campuzano, M. 75).

Referee: Francisco José Hernández Maeso (Extremadura committee). He admonished Caro (M. 36), Pablo Valcarce (M. 92) for Ponferradina; Pablo Pérez (M. 41), Babin (M. 75) for Sporting.

Goals: 0-1, Pedro Díaz (p): m. 38; 0-2, Pablo Pérez: M. 46; 1-2, Curro Sánchez: M. 51; 2-2, Pablo Valcarce: M. 57

Spectators: Behind closed doors in El Toralín