2-2: Bahía and Independiente draw on a penalty night

In a night with three penalties, the Bay The Brazilian let the victory slip away and had to settle this Tuesday with a 2-2 draw, against the Argentine Independent on the third day of Group E of the South American Cup.

Luiz Otavio and Thaciano scored for Salvador’s ‘Tricolor’, while Jonathan Herrera and Alan Velasco, both from penalties, scored for the ‘King of Cups’. Gunner Gilberto wasted a maximum penalty that could mean victory for the homeowners.

With the away tie, Avellaneda’s red box leads the group with seven points, two more than Bahia; While the Uruguayan Montevideo City Torque, with one, and the Bolivian Guabirá, still without adding, will complete the third day this Wednesday on Uruguayan soil.

The match played at the Pituaçú stadium in Salvador, with arbitration by Chilean Roberto Tobar, began with caution by both teams and only at the end of the first half, in the 42nd minute, Velasco suffered a foul from Luiz Otavio that the judge sanctioned as penalty and Herrera thus put the Argentines ahead.

Gilberto Oliveira Souza Junior (Bahia) disputes the ball with Carlos Sebastián Sosa Silva and Sergio Damián Barreto

In the second half, the visiting team, led by exporter Julio César Falcioni, increased the lead quickly, in the 50th minute, with another penalty from Renán Guedes over newly entered Brian Martínez and executed with precision by Velasco.

The reaction of the local team was immediate and at 56 minutes, in a play by Rodriguinho, Thaciano converted the discount goal. The sought-after tie came in the 81st minute, on a corner kick taken by Áleson and that Luiz Otavio capitalized on with a header to make it 2-2 and redeem himself from the foul committed for the first visitor goal.

A minute later, Maycon Douglas was brought down in the area by goalkeeper Sebastián Sosa. The Uruguayan goalkeeper rewarded the failure by stopping Gilberto’s charge and thus leaving the score at 2-2.

Bahía will visit Guabirá on May 13, while the Argentines will expose the leadership two days before in the Uruguayan capital against Montevideo City Torque.