2-1: The Strongest stops Santos and facilitates the pass to Barcelona

The Colombian Jair Reinoso and the Brazilian Willie Barbosa signed this Tuesday the victory by 2-1 of The
strongest on Saints, which stopped short with 6 points, the same that the Bolivian team now adds, and left Barcelona the classification to the round of 16 of the Cup

Even without playing the fifth and penultimate day of Group C, Barcelona leads with 9 points and this Thursday they will visit Boca Juniors, which follows from third place with 6, the same that Santos have played with five games from second place and The Strongest from the last.

Goals for the La Paz brindle team came at 10 and 21 minutes after two assists from inspired Panamanian striker Rolando Blackburn. The discount at the Hernando Siles stadium came in ’61 through Felipe Rocha.

In the first minutes of the game, the Colombian Reinoso began to bother in several incursions in partnership with the Panamanian Blackburn and that enlarged the figure of the goalkeeper João Paulo in the 3,640 meters of altitude of La Paz.

That formula showed its effectiveness when, after a center to the Santos area, in the 10th minute, Blackburn enabled Reinoso to define at will.

Santos sought to react by advancing ranks until in the 21st minute they met again an inspired Blackburn who enabled his teammate Willie Barbosa in the area, who did not spare the Santos goalkeeper.

A minute later, the Uruguayan defender of the local team Gonzalo Castillo committed a foul that led the Peruvian judge Diego Haro to send him off after showing him the second yellow card.

With Castillo out, the game changed dramatically as the Bolivian team fell back and gave the dominance of the midfield to Santos.

In the second half, visiting coach Fernando Diniz proposed another strategy and sent Jhonatan Copete and Marcos Santos in in search of a more offensive game. The award came in the 64th minute after a loose ball outside the area that Felipe holed into the goal of The Strongest, guarded by goalkeeper Daniel Vaca.

After that goal, the local Paraguayan helmsman Gustavo Florentín chose to reinforce the containment and defense of his team, which was enough for him to get the second victory and add his second consecutive victory.