2-1: Racing prevails with ten against Sporting Cristal

The Racing Club Argentine, with 10 players almost the entire second half as a result of the expulsion of Lucas Orban, won this Thursday 2-1 at Sporting Cristal Peruvian, who was superior during most of the match of Group E of the Libertadores Cup.

The Argentines, led by Juan Antonio Pizzi and in need of joy in an irregular season, added their first victory in Group E of the tournament and accumulate four points, while Sporting Cristal of Colombian Roberto Mosquera is last, without points in their locker after of two days.

Racing got off to a good start at Presidente Perón, an imposing arena despite the absence of an audience.

Those of Pizzi, very early, at 13 minutes, went up on the scoreboard with a good header from right-back Juan José Cáceres, 20 years old.

The goal gave way to a period of few occasions and rough play by both teams, while the Peruvians gradually gained control but without transforming it into goal situations.

Racing seemed satisfied with the 1-0 and, although it appeared by the goal of Alejandro Duarte, it did not generate danger either.

The restart brought with it a turning point for the game, with defender Lucas Orban being sent off for a direct red in the 48th minute.

Staying with one less disrupted the plans of the Academy and Pizzi and emboldened Sporting Cristal, which from then on starred in a monologue in the second half.

The Peruvians started with the tying goal, the work of Christofer Gonzales in the 52nd minute after a good triangulation, but they immediately went for more.

The string of offensive actions by the Peruvians, supported by the good performance of the Argentine Marcos Riquelme, greatly jeopardized Gabriel Arias’ goal.

With Sporting Cristal delivered to the attack and convinced of its possibilities, history changed again and, this time, in a definitive way.

Tomás Chancalay finished off a good cross into the area between the two visiting centers in the 84th minute.

That left very little reaction time for the Peruvian team, who tried a couple more times but with the goal slab already conceded.

Despite the fact that Sporting Cristal had the last of Riquelme at 95 minutes, Racing held up well with its ten players locked behind and Pizzi, this time, smiled in his season of ups and downs.