2-1: Faravelli’s ‘Double’ in Independiente’s victory

The Argentine midfielder Lawrence
Faravelli scored on Friday the two goals of the 2-1 victory of the Independent
Valley about him Guild in the first leg of the third round of the Libertadores Cup that the covid-19 forced to transfer from Ecuador to Paraguay.

Faravelli led his team to the comeback with his goals in the 53rd and 61st minutes, the latter from a penalty. The Gremio had advanced through the attacker Diego Souza, in the 9th minute of the match played at the Asuncion Defensores del Chaco stadium.

The match should have been played last Wednesday in Quito, but the positive coronavirus of three more members of Gremio when they arrived in the Ecuadorian capital, caused the Ecuadorian authorities to prevent its realization.

Independiente del Valle showed superiority with its game proposal, with a constant attack volume in which practically all its members were involved. The dull game that started the game was changed by Gremio by taking advantage of a free kick in the 9th minute to score through the attacker Souza, who received the center from Alisson and with a header to the left side defeated goalkeeper Moisés Ramírez.

The goal woke up the Ecuadorians, who began to weave plays that could very well end in goals but which met with the resistance of goalkeeper Brenno or with a shot next to the left vertical and even the ball crashed on the crossbar.

The youth attacker Pedro Vite and the Argentine Christian Ortiz were the most ambitious and inspired to put together plays that created difficulties for Gremio’s defensive system, which ended up taking refuge in their zone to defend the advantage.

Two shots by Ortiz between minute 17 and 26 ended in one case escaping along the right vertical, and in the second case blocked by Brenno. At minute 35, a powerful shot from Vite surprised the opposing defense, crashing off the crossbar when goalkeeper Brenno was out of action.

Joffre Escobar (Independiente) disputes the ball with Darlan Pereira

At the end of the first half, the Guild produced a great attack that ended with the ball in the background of the Ecuadorian goal, but the Argentine referee Néstor Pitana canceled the action due to an allegedly advanced position by Ferreira, indicated by the assistant Mariana de Almeida . Ortiz slammed the ball back into his opponent’s right post in the 47th minute while taking a free kick.

The fantasy in the touch of the ball appeared when Faravelli, Vite and Paraguayan striker Brian Montenegro got together, who left Faravelli in hand-to-hand with Brenno, who scored the tie with a low cross shot (m.53).

In a counterattack by the Paraguayan Montenegro, defender Ruan committed a penalty and Argentine Faravelli shot and defeated Brenno with a shot to the right side of the goalkeeper (m.61). After the foul, Pitana showed the second yellow card to Ruan, who left the Gremio with one less from minute 59.

Faced with pressure from the Valle team and their options to extend the advantage, the Guild chose to take defensive care, knowing that the current scoreboard can overcome it by acting as local next week.

2 – Independiente del Valle: Wellington Moisés Ramírez; José Hurtado (d.69, John Jairo Sánchez), William Pacho, Richard Shunke, Luis Segovia; Cristian Pellerano (m.61, Brian Garcia), Lorenzo Faravelli, Beder Caicedo; Pedro Vite (m.75, Efren Mera), Brian Montenegro (m.75, Joffre Escobar) and Christian Ortiz (m.69, Jacob Murillo).

Coach: Renato Paiva.

1 – Guild: Brenno; Felipe (m.75, Bruno Cortez), Ruan, Rodrígues, Diogo Barbosa; Lucas Silva (m.62, Fernando Henrique), Matheus Henrique, Alisson (m.73, Leo Chú), Cesar Pinares (m.46, Darlan), Ferreira and Diego Souza (m.62, David Braz).

Technician: Alexandre Mendes (in the absence of Renato Portaluppi).

Goals: 0-1, Diego Souza (m. 9); 1-1, Lorenzo Faravelli (d. 53); 2-1, Lorenzo Faravelli, from a penalty (m. 61)

Referee: Argentine Nestor Pitana expelled Ruan (m.59). And he admonished Vite, Rodrígues, Brenno, Ruan, Mera and Segovia.

Incidents: First leg of Phase 3 of the Copa Libertadores played as an extraordinary resource at the Defensores del Chaco stadium, in Asunción, before the prohibition of the Ecuadorian health authorities due to the fact that the Guild’s staff registered several cases of covid-19 .