(2-1) Atlético B closes a season with victory to forget

End of season for him
Atlético de Madrid B
, a campaign to forget. The rojiblanco subsidiary finished the permanence phase third but with a worse coefficient than other third parties from other groups. A week ago I knew that I was lowered to Third, the second decrease in the last five years of the mattress subsidiary.

The mattresses closed a season to forget. In this season it was especially important not to get off the hook because in the 21/22 the restructuring of regional football that has undertaken the RFEF.

The new restructuring gives rise to the creation of a new competition between the Second division and the current Second B, what will be the First RFEF. The fourth category will be Second RFEF (who is the heir to the Second Division B) and the fifth category will be Third RFEF (what is the current Third division)

The mattress team has descended to the Third RFEF, that the current course will have 324 teams divided into 18 groups of 18 clubs each, the majority divided by autonomous communities. The ascent will be more complicated.

The Athletic said goodbye to a season to forget, with a victory against him Villarrobledo, in the match played in the Cerro del Espino. Marc Tenas opened the scoring at a quarter of an hour, dribbling the visiting goal, Zárraga, dialing at will. The clash was dominated by rojiblanco. Sergio
Camel headed in the minute 68, to the net a lateral center of Camus that put the 2-0. Although the visiting team reduced differences at 87 minutes, with a shot from inside the area of Ruben
Sanchez, the score would finally be favorable for the rojiblancos.



Atlético de Madrid B: Christian; Camus, Moreno, Álvaro García, Medrano; Ricard (Davo, 62 ‘), Calavera, Castro, Forcen (Abde Damar, 69’); Camello (Diabat, 69 ‘) and Tenas.

Villarrobledo: Zárraga; Pepe (Teo Tirado, 46 ​​’), Ángel Moreno, Raúl Llorente (Juanma Justo, 17′), Joseca (Li, 52 ‘); Alfie, Chato, Pablo García, Cantave; Lemiechevsky and Dani Ndi.

Referee: Francisco José Ortega Herrera (Valencia Committee). He showed visitors a yellow card Cantave (27 ‘), Teo Tirado (71’) and Rubén Sánchez (83 ‘).


1-0. 14 ‘. Marc Tenas faces the goalkeeper, dribbles and scores at will.

2-0. 68 ‘. Camello heads to the net a lateral center of Camus.

2-1. 87 ‘. Rubén Sánchez, with a shot from inside the area.