2-0: Emelec wins in two minutes and leads Group G again

The ecuadorian Emelec he needed two minutes this Wednesday to endorse the 2-0 victory over the Sports Tolima Colombian and thus regained the leadership of Group G, and displaced the Brazilian Bragantino which is second with 9 points, in the South American Cup.

Colombian defender Jeison Angulo with an own goal put Emelec ahead in the 70th minute, and forward Joao Rojas scored the second in the 72nd minute.

The goals saved the show and the aspirations of Emelec to win group G, by accumulating 10 points, one more than Bragantino, while the Argentine Talleres de Córdoba, Emelec’s next rival -also in Guayaquil-, and no option were left. Deportes Tolima, who was left with three units and will say goodbye at their stadium when facing the Brazilian team.

Until minute 70 the game lacked emotions, also a good level of play on the part of the teams, because until that moment the tie, without goals, was the best award for both.

The absences of four figures that Emelec suffered prior to the match, due to the suspensions of their starting defenders, the Argentines Aníbal Leguizamón and Luca Sosa, and due to injuries to their scorer, the Uruguayan Facundo Barceló, and the Colombian midfielder Alexis Zapata, had an impact on Computer Performance.

Goalkeeper Pedro Ortiz saved Emelec in the last action of the first half, as he beat attacker Juan Caicedo in hand-to-hand, by blocking the forward’s shot with his right leg.

Deportes Tolima went on the attack after averaging the 60th minute, midfielder Jaminton Campaz overflowed on the left, found the profile to convert, but his shot went to the side of the local goal.

Alejandro Cabeza repeated Campaz’s blunder and from an angle conducive to converting, he fired on Álvaro Montero’s goal (m.66), although with that attack he inspired his teammates to insist on the long-awaited goal.

A well-orchestrated attack from the right side allowed defender Romario Caicedo to finish off the goal and defender Jeison Angulo, in his eagerness to reject the ball, ended up sending it to the back of his goal (m.70).

Then there were several shots and the attacker Rojas caught a rebound and from close range deposited the ball in the Colombian goal for the final 2-0 in the 72nd minute.