2-0: Bogarín and Oviedo lead Libertad to the leadership of the group

The Paraguayan Liberty, with goals from Ricardo Bogarín and Alfio Oviedo, he beat the Chilean 2-0 this Thursday Palestinian and leads Group F of the Cup
South American.

Gumarelo, dismounted from Libertadores by Colombian Atlético Nacional, leads with three points in zone F, formed in addition to Palestino, by Argentine Newell’s Old Boys and Atlético Goianiense, who drew goalless on Tuesday at the Brazilians’ home.

Both Bogarín and Oviedo, the authors of the annotations, entered in the second half.

Bogarín’s goal, his first contact with the ball, came in the 71st minute from a position without an angle resolved with a cross shot that beat Cristopher Toselli.

Two minutes later, the second came from striker Oviedo, another replacement for coach Daniel Garnero, who together with Bogarín woke up a Libertad that despaired of the firmness in defense of the Chileans.

The expulsion of defender Agustín Farías weighed on the visitors in the 54th minute, and after the goals they were surrendered, although they contributed honor so that Libertad did not extend their advantage.

The first part could have been for both teams.

The Paraguayan Apertura leader started invading the sides of the rivals looking for Antonio ‘Demonio’ ​​Bareiro to clear his head and Sebastián Ferreira’s boots.

However, the first chance to score in that time was from midfielder Bryan Carrasco, a shot that was stopped by Martín Silva.

Libertad countered with offensive plays that were unsuccessful at Toselli’s door, very inspired by that first half.

The Gumarelo continued to bother and had more situations in that period than the “Arabs”, with Toselli as a figure.

At the end of 45 minutes, the locals asked Adrian Martínez for a penalty for obstruction within the area, which was dismissed by the Venezuelan referee Orlando Bracamonte.