2-0: Bilbao Athletic picks up cruising speed

Three wins in a row and headed to the lead. Smooth sailing. The Bilbao Athletic cruising as parts are assembled. He showed his cheerful version to bring down the Alaves B. He disarmed the babazorro team led in the medullary by Meadows Y Zarraga, who went down a step since there is no competition in First, and with mobility in the half points.

The afternoon started badly for him Alaves B. Jaso, throwing himself to the ground to clear the leather, swept Abde. The forward, who has scored two of the three league goals for the Albiazules, had to leave on a stretcher. The Bilbao Athletic started carburing from the engine room thanks to Meadows already Zarraga. Imanol Y Williams they forgave before the quarter hour, but the third time was the charm.

Those of Joseba Etxeberria they released the scoring by leaning on the set piece in the 16th minute. Imanol put a foul at the far post, Williams a good shot was taken at the far post that Aritz cleared as he could and Artola scored at pleasure. The advantage made the cubs grow even more. Imanol it was a dagger from the left and the second-line men were treading the area in danger.

The visiting team woke up after half an hour. A shot of Sergi Garcia from outside the area repelled by Iru it was his first approach to danger. The Bilbao Athletic he lost some control in the center of the field in the last section of the first half and the spaces emerged. A round trip that could have been heads … or tails.

Initially he was close to putting the victory on track in a four-for-two against which he resolved Highlander with a left foot that deflected the goal babazorro. A minute later, the replica of the Alaves B. Even clearer. Lupu leaked a pass between the lines to leave alone Tirlea before Iru. It was not the best definition of the visitor. Satin and down. The goalkeeper kicked the ball out.

The Bilbao Athletic started the second period with the idea of ​​stealing and searching fast at speed at Williams already Highlander starting from the wings. Meanwhile, those led by Iñaki Alonso they advanced lines. A tug of war. They needed to play it in a kind of Russian roulette, with Lupu moving behind the centrals. However, it had its risks. And is that Williams forgave the second after a pass back from Highlander.

The puppies were adjusting to what the game required. There were spaces, yes, but they got the situation under control again. After football time, a new clear opportunity that had its genesis in an outstanding collective combination. Meadows left alone Artola, but the double was denied. Crossed excessively. Nunez he also had the second in a shot that was lost skimming the wood.

Even more difficult for him Alaves B. He played outnumbered the final ten minutes because Lupu he retired due to injury when he had completed all five changes. Luengo, who took the yellow, grabbed him to stop a counter and the point hurt his thigh. Then, the Bilbao lace. Cape received in the crescent, cut and nailed the ball into the net with a great right hand. The Gasteiztarras were able to reengage in the game, however the strain of the post spat the attempt to Llacer. The three points stayed in Lezama.


Iru, Núñez, Jaso, Luengo, Imanol (Kortazar, min. 88), Prados (Víctor, min. 66), Zarraga, Williams (Diarra, min. 80), Artola, Serrano (Cabo, min. 80) and Baqué ( Tascón, min. 66).


Aritz, Toni Frau (Keller, min. 61), Jaouad, Julio, Tirlea (Víctor López, min. 61), Marino, Sergi García (Viti, min. 74), Pepe, Berlanga (Llacer, min. 74), Lupu and Abde (Godoy, min. 5).


1-0, Artola (min. 16); 2-0, Corporal (min. 82).


Ruiz Álvarez (Asturian). Yellow to the local Núñez and Luengo; and visitors Toni Frau and Berlanga.