18-year-old rapper makes a million dollars in six hours thanks to OnlyFans

Do you know Bhad bhabie? If they are under 30, surely not, don’t worry. Well then it’s about a rapper just turned 18 that in the last hours has become news for having pocketed more than a million dollars in just over six hours.

Before you say anything, no, the girl has not touched the Primitiva. The reason for the sudden increase in your checking account is due to its premiere on OnlyFans, the platform where users can share private content by subscription.

Her success on Instagram, where she has more than 17 million followers, convinced her to try her luck on this other, even more lucrative platform, and the truth is that success has been immediate.

More than a million dollars in just over six hours is what it raised in its premiere, news that you wanted to share (and test) with a picture of your account breakdown.

Not bad for six hours … We broke the OnlyFans fucking record“, wrote Danielle bregoli, which is what the young woman is really called.

In the image we can see that more than $ 750,000 correspond to subscriptions ($ 35 each), while 267,000 got them through messages and requests from his followers and 5,000 more came through tips.

I have seen your six million comments and now I am going to answer your call. We are breaking the rules. From now on I’m going to do whatever I want”He wrote when the account was opened, and boy is he breaking the rules.

So far it has ended the record of the actress Bella Thorne, who took 24 hours last year to reach the magical million dollar mark.