103-79: Madrid intimidates and lives on income

Intimidator, with a first part of exhibition in which 56-30 was imposed and a second part of managing income, the Real Madrid appeared in the ‘playoffs’ for the Endesa League title passing over (103-79) a Herbalife Great
Canary that improved the image after the break, but it is very far.

The disappointment of not entering the Final Four was offset by an additional break for the whites, and it seems that Pablo’s Laso they have taken advantage of them. To the two victories at the end of the regular season they have added the recovery of their star, the Cape Verdean center Walter Tavares, of which today they barely needed 6 points and 7 rebounds for their overwhelming start against the Great

The whites dominated the facets of the game – in the first half they doubled their rival in rebounds (24-12, 49-22 at the end) with a 60% success in the triples, then reduced to 43% – and finished with seven players above ten points: Sergio Llull (14), Argentine Nico Laprovittola (14), French Vincent Poirier (14), Israeli-American Alex Tyus (13), Rudy Fernandez (13), American Jaycee Carroll (11) and the French Fabien Causeur (10).

Not the unpleasant surprise of Felipe’s two positives for coronavirus Kings and Alberto Abalde They hit a white team that sets the qualifying bar very high for a Herbalife Gran canaria who got into the ‘playoff’ thanks to his good sprint at the end of the season in which he won five of his last six games.

Those of Porfi Fisac they attended the white exhibition of the first half, but were not spectators in the second, in which they tried to make amends, with a great game from the American center Matt Costello (23 points), recently recovered from a sprain.

Started Tavares -today twice awarded, as the best defender and part of the best quintet- campaigning for their respect, until the aid began to work for ‘Granca’. Appeared then Laprovittola, that in a minute and a half of inspiration, he got a 2 + 1 and two triples, one of an impossible parable (21-11, min. 6).

Stopped it Fisac and changed the quintet, but Laso put Poirier, who made his fortune before the newcomer Khalifa Diop (19 years old), and Rudy he joined the party to close the first set with a devastating 34-11 to Claretian astonishment. The stunned yellow players were unable to score in the last five minutes.

Madrid kept their march while the Herbalife at least he regained joy in his attack … Although he had a mountain in front of him. As soon john Shurna he had two successful races, as he answered Poirier with a mate (48-28, min. 16). The yellows seemed intimidated, to the point that a single gesture from the French pivot made the Lithuanian Tomas Dimsa miss a penetration without an opponent. At halftime, the 56-30 left little margin for the yellow faith.

The Claretians, led by AJ Slaughter, made an amendment proposal with an applauded robbery by Andrew Albicy and with two hits from triple Costello… But like Sisyphus, no matter how much they pushed the stone up, it fell again. And it was a rock of 20 points (68-47 min. 25), although the Madrid slump and the good arts of Costello (13 points only in this quarter) and Oliver Stevic (5) reduced it to 14 units facing the last quarter (78-64).

Finishing the job went through the defense, and Pablo Laso’s men went to this, with such impetus that in a defense of Stevic two freight trains collided: Poirier Y Garuba. The white squad took the worst part, with a blow to the pubic area that sent him to the locker room. Oblivious to all this, the ‘Granca’ kept trying, but never with less than 15 points (88-73, min. 34).

[+] See the summary with the best plays:

103 – Real Madrid (34 + 22 + 22 + 25): Laprovittola (14), Carroll (11), Taylor (4), Tyus (13), Tavares (6) -the starting five-, Poirier (14), Rudy Fernández (13), Causeur (10), Llull (14), Garuba (4), Vukcevic and Alocén.

79 – Herbalife Gran Canaria (11 + 19 + 34 + 15): Slaughter (12), Dimsa (9), Okoye (6), Costello (23), Balcerowski (3) -the starting five-, Albicy (11), Diop , Beirán, Shurna (8), Stevic (5), Javier López (2) and Rubén López.

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Sergio Manuel and Rubén Sánchez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: first match of the quarterfinals of the Endesa League, played at the WiZink Center (Palacio de los Deportes) in Madrid, without spectators due to the sanitary measures against the pandemic.

Before the start of the game, Real Madrid center Walter Tavares received the awards for the best defensive player in the Endesa League and for the member of the best quintet of the regular season of the championship.