10 years have passed since Valdano left Real Madrid

On May 25, 2011, Florentino Pérez officially announced the dismissal of Jorge Valdano as CEO. The president announced it in an appearance before the media in which he justified the dismissal of Valdano saying that “this season we started a sports project and we gave all the confidence to Jose Mourinho. It has been shown that the technician needs autonomy and we intend to avoid the dysfunctions that have occurred with a general direction of a marked sporting nature. That is why it has been decided to delete it and incorporate it into the general direction that corresponds to José Angel Sánchez. From now on, the technician will depend on him. Therefore, it has been agreed to terminate the contractual relationship that the club had with Jorge Valdano ”.

Florentine I had to choose between Mourinho and Valdano and opted for Portuguese. “There were two people with a marked sports character who were not in the line that an organization should have. Everyone has witnessed that and it is ridiculous to deny it, ”said Florentino Pérez, making it clear that there was a confrontation between Valdano and Mourinho.

A confrontation that began to be seen after a Real Madrid-Sevilla in which Mourinho angered by the performance of the match referee, Clos Gomez, He suggested that the club did not support him in his criticism, which was a direct dart towards Valdano. The second anger between the two was after an Almería-Real Madrid. Mourinho requested the signing of a ‘nine’ due to the injury of Higuain. When asked Valdano On Canal +, he said: “There was a nine, but he was on the bench (referring to Benzema, substitute that day).” That phrase did not like Mourinho that Valdano then asked to stop traveling with the team and not appear for Valdebebas’s training sessions or for the dressing room in the matches held at the Bernabéu.

The last great clash between the two was when Mourinho he did not appear at press conferences. “There was a lot of noise around him and he preferred to lie to one side,” Valdano said. ANDladio Paramés, Mou’s advisor, replied: “Mourinho will speak when he sees fit. Valdano is the spokesperson for the club, not the coach ”.

A war that Mourinho ended up winning with the removal of Valdano today 10 years ago.