1-4: Canada eliminates Haiti and progresses to the quarterfinals

Selection of Canada, with a double from striker Cyle Larin, beat that of Haiti in the second match of the Group B round of the gold Cup and got the qualification for the quarterfinals. Canada, which had also beaten the Martinique team 4-1 in the first game, once again showed the great moment they are in and presented credentials to be taken into account in the remainder of the tournament.

Meanwhile, the Haitian national team suffered its second consecutive defeat, as it had lost 1-0 to the United States, and this time neither luck nor goalkeeper Brian Sylvestre could avoid the win and expose all the shortcomings that the team has. Antillean, who said goodbye to the tournament.

Again, as had happened against Martinique, Canada scored the first goal early, did so in the 5th minute through midfielder Stephen Eustaquio and there the path of victory was completely opened for them.

Although the score was not altered further in the first part of the game played at Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, and Haiti had several occasions to have achieved the tying goal, it did not do so and that took its toll, as it did in the first game against the United States (0-1).

Because Canada, which had had 60 percent control of the ball, came out in the second half with very clear ideas that they needed to score more goals, at least the 0-2 that would give them peace of mind and that was what happened at minute 51 when Larin opened his personal account.

Ayo Akinola (Canada) disputes a ball with Francois Dulysse

Canada, led by the Englishman John Herdman, had achieved their goal, and although in the 56th minute Haiti scored 1-2 through Stephane Lambese, they did not lose control and the rhythm of the game and saw how their dominance was transformed into the 1-3 when Larin, from a penalty, scored at 74, and achieved his first double with the national team in the Gold Cup.

Larin’s goal had already sentenced Canada to victory, which was still in full control of the rhythm of the game and the ball, and at 79 came the final 1-4 after Junior Hoilett, who had started in the second half, also scored well. penalty.

In addition, in the play, the referee of the match, the Costa Rican Juan Gabriel Calderón, showed the red card to Francois Dulysse, which left Haiti with one man less and with the elimination in his pocket, in part due to the lack of definition before the goal he had in the first half and then in the second due to the weakness of his defense.

Meanwhile, Canada returned to play a complete game and will reach the third and final day of Group B with the peace of mind of having secured a place in the quarterfinals and focusing on the duel that they will have against the United States in search of defining the winner of the group. in order to have a better crossing when the quarters arrive.

1 – Haiti: Brian Sylvestre; Carlens Arcus, Ricardo Adé, Francois Dulysse, Martin Expérience (m.52, Ronaldo Damus); Alex Christian, Leverton Pierre; Stephane Lambese, Derrick Etienne Jr., Dutherson Clerveaux (d.89, Bicou Bissainthe); and Carnejy Antoine.

Selector: Jean-Jacques Pierre

4 – Canada: Maxime Crepeau; Alistair Johnston (m.63, Richie Laryea), Steven Vitoria, Kamal Miller, Doneil Henry, Stephen Eustaquio, Mark-Anthony Kaye, Tajon Buchanan (m.77, Tajon Buchanan), Lucas Cavallini (m.63, Junior Hoilett), Cyle Larin (m.77, Ayo Akinola) and Jonathan Osorio (m.63, Samuel Piette).

Coach: John Herdman

Goals: 0-1, Stephen Eustaquio (m. 5); 0-2, Cyle Larin (m. 51); 1-2, Stephane Lambese (d. 56); 1-3, Cyle Larin (penalty, 74 ‘); 1-4, Junior Hoilett (penalty, 79 ‘).

Referee: Costa Rican Juan Gabriel Calderón admonished Leverton Pierre and expelled Francois Dulysse, from Haiti. The one admonished by Canada was Stephen Eustaquio.

Incidents: Second game for both teams in Group B of the sixteenth edition of the Gold Cup that was played at Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, with fans in the stands.