1-3. Raúl’s Madrid embroider it and access the Youth League quarters

The juvenile of Real Madrid grew in the face of adversity to defeat Juventus (1-3) this Sunday in a match corresponding to the round of 16 of the Youth League and access the rooms in which the Inter de Milan next Wednesday. The set led by Raúl González Blanco became strong in the match played in Nyon, venue of this final competition conditioned by the coronavirus with single-match qualifiers, and despite the fact that it started losing and was outnumbered very soon by the expulsion of Jordi Martin, turned the scoreboard with so many from Sergio Arribas, Charles Dotor and Rate.

He Madrid, with Raul on his bench after the march to Panathinaikos of a Dani poyatos how much merit he has in the good work of this Madrid, jumped to the green conscious of being the only Spanish team alive in the competition. And things did not start at all well for his interests, since in the 3 ’and after a great individual action with bicycle included Tongya put Juventus ahead on the scoreboard.

Just a few minutes later, Jordi Martin he was wrong to hit the ball with Ntenda, who was on the ground after a dispute, and the referee decided to eject the end of the Madrid for unsportsmanlike conduct. Therefore, they painted wands for those of Raul, with 1-0 against and outnumbered, but far from being discouraged, the scenario caused the opposite effect in the white team (this time in pink).

Sergio Arribas, in a self-led backlash in which Morante He helped him gain a foothold as he progressed, making the equalizer in the 30 ‘minute with a left foot close to the post from the front. And just two minutes later, an exquisite combination between Rate, Morante and Dotor, ended up with the last of them beating Siano to make the 1-2.

The break was reached with said score in the light, and a quarter of an hour after the restart Rate made 1-3 beating a stranger in the race Paolo Gozzi (this time offering a poor performance despite being one of the most promising defenders in Italy) before shooting Siano.

From then on, the Juventus It was a want and I can’t and he Madrid He was solid and firm on his way to reaching the quarterfinals, signing a remarkable overall performance in which the midfielder deserves individual recognition Antonio Blanco, called to be in First sooner rather than later.

He Real Madrid will face next Wednesday (6:00 p.m.) the Inter de Milan, that this same Sunday eliminated Rennes in eighths. The rest of the qualifiers are the Midtjylland-Ajax, he Dinamo Zagreb-Benfica (both on Tuesday) and the RB Salzburg-Olympique de Lyon (on Wednesday).