1-2: Palmeiras take revenge for the defeat in the Recopa

The Palmeiras He took revenge on Tuesday for the defeat in the Recopa Sudamericana by beating Defensa y Justicia at home by 1-2 with two goals from Rony in the third day of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, a result that leaves him with 9 points out of 9 possible at the top of A.

The champion of the 2020 Copa Libertadores surpasses Defense and Justice by 5 points, which is second. In the absence of the game they will play to close the third day, the Ecuadorian Independiente del Valle occupies third place with one point and in the background the Peruvian Sports University lies empty-handed. Ecuadorians and Peruvians will meet this Wednesday.

The first half hour of the game was played almost entirely in the center of the field. Both teams decided to start playing from the bottom with patience and short passes, but as neither of them pressed hard on the opponent’s exit, the game didn’t have great emotions during the first half.

Nicolas Tripichio (Defense and Justice) and Renan, fighting for a ball

As soon as the second half began, Palmeiras was able to transform possession into dangerous plays. Rony, the figure of the match, scored in the 47th minute after an assist from Luiz Adriano. The Defense and Justice were unprotected to go in search of equality and Palmeiras took advantage of a counterattack to score again. At 56 minutes, Rony scored 2-0 after being assisted again by Luiz Adriano. At 68 minutes, Nicolás Tripicchio deflected a free kick from Marcelo Benitéz and discounted for the locals.

That goal gave confidence to the Falcon, who since then and for the first time was planted in the rival field. In the final minutes, Weverton was huge and had several saves that prevented the tie.

Argentines and Brazilians had met in mid-April in the Recopa Sudamericana, which was won by Defensa y Justicia, thus obtaining its second title after obtaining the Sudamericana in 2020.

El Halcón de Varela faced this encounter with multiple casualties after suffering a coronavirus outbreak that affected around fifteen players in recent days.

On the fourth day, Palmeiras will visit Independiente del Valle and Defensa y Justicia will visit the Peruvian team.