1-1: La Guaira borders on the feat against Atlético Mineiro

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Guaira drew 1-1 this Wednesday against Athletic
Mineiro on the first day of group H of the Cup
Liberators, in a duel in which the Venezuelans were close to knocking down their rival, who was saved by the Argentine Matías Zaracho with a goal typical of a scorer’s instinct.

The game began and, after the tug of war typical of the start of the season, La Guaira surprised locals and strangers – but especially his rival – by taking the lead in minute 21.

It was when Atlético Mineiro took out a ball played from their defensive zone. Orange had their lines ahead to press and center-back Luis Martínez stole a ball through the center lane, still far from the area.

The rival defense, between passive and surprised, saw how Martínez got rid of the marking of several rivals and, almost from the penalty spot, raised the ball with his right foot over the goalkeeper to score what could be one of the best goals of the day in the Libertadores.

Then began a constant siege of Atlético Mineiro who, patiently, tried plays of all colors without being able to find the rival’s goal nets, so the locals went with an advantage to the break.

Matías Zaracho celebrates his goal with Atlético Mineiro

The second half had an identical tonic, with the Gallo patiently prowling the Venezuelan goal until, in the 64th minute, Guilherme Arana launched a hard shot from the edge of the area.

Goal Carlos Olses, hero of the match for his team, stopped the ball but did not stop it, leaving the ball out of control in the center of the small area, where the Argentine Zaracho, faster than the defenders, pushed it to the nets to make the tie.

Far from turning the game into a Brazilian monologue, the duel opened and the empty stands of the Olympic stadium of the Central University of Venezuela, without fans due to the pandemic, witnessed several dangerous occasions for locals and visitors.

The surprising defensive strength of La Guaira, with an Olses that seemed illuminated, avoided goals from Atlético Mineiro, while goalkeeper Everson Marques made the Brazilian goal an insurmountable wall and saved several occasions that the fans already sang as a goal from their homes.

In this way, each team took a point flavored with victory for La Guaira.