1-1: Alavés misses a golden opportunity

The Alaves close this damn 2020 with a bitter aftertaste. It starts an important point in The
Sadar and is back with three income on the decline, but misses a golden opportunity to add three against Osasuna, who was left with ten for the expulsion with a direct red in the 8th minute of the goal Ruben

Orphan of creativity in attack, he saw how the derby was complicated with the goal of Robert
towers in the 67th minute and was forced to come back thanks to a penalty goal from Luke
Perez, who with four goals is consolidated as the top scorer in Alava.

The match was marked by the early expulsion of Ruben
Martinez. At minute 8, Deyverson He took advantage of a long clearance from his defense to stand alone in front of the red goalkeeper, who knocked him down outside the area as the last man. From there, the clash changed completely and the babazorros, without ideas until the break, were forced to take the initiative against an opponent with ten, something for which they were not psyched.

Before, Osasuna came out ready to take the reins of the derby before a Alaves very neat back. Machin bet on the lineup that won the Eibar, with the only and obligatory change of Manu by the sanctioned Battaglia. Ruben
Duarte was from the game, while Jot
Peleteiro and Luke
Perez they returned to stay on the bench.

At seven, on a play canceled by James
Latre, Jonathan
Calleri won the game a The guard and got into the area by baseline. His back pass was finished off the post by Budimir, but the referee declared the action invalid due to a possible offside.

With the scare in the body and with one more, the set of Machin He could not find the way to break the disciplined defense of an opponent who, with a 1-4-4-1, hid behind. Thomas
Pineapple tried unsuccessfully to create play and the albiazul attack was reduced to several attempts by the left of an imprecise Lewis

Foul to the stick

In 43, the only occasion from Gasteiz in a bland first period came from a set piece. Joselu, in a corner, he went ahead to the exit of the ex babazorro Sergio
Herrera, who occupied the goal after entering through Budimir before the expulsion of Ruben
Martinez, but his cross head came close to the post.

In the discount before the break, Osasuna had two very clear. In 45 + 1, Moncayola grazed the crossbar in an attempt to Vaseline on an advance Pacheco that reacted very well. In 45 + 4, in the last action of the first period. Ruben
Garcia he sent a direct free kick to the post that he executed with great skill.

In the second part, Pablo
Machin was gradually introducing more offensive footballers –Luke
Perez to rest, Borja
Sainz, Jot
Peleteiro or Thomas
Tavares– but his team was still out of ideas.

The derby was complicated by Alaves in ’67, when Enric
Galician took advantage of a long ball to assist Robert
towers, who coming from behind shot Ferdinand

From 1-0, he leaned up and found the tie thanks to a penalty well sought after by Joselu that transformed Luke
Perez, almost infallible from the fatal point.

[+] See the summary and the goals of the match:

Osasuna, 1

Rubén Martínez; Nacho Vidal, Aridane, David García, Juan Cruz; Roberto Torres (Jony Rodríguez, min. 90), Oier, Moncayola (Javi Martínez, min. 92), Rubén García (Kike Barja, min. 90); Jonathan Calleri (Enric Gallego, min. 46) and Budimir (Sergio Herrera, min. 13).

Deportivo Alavés, 1

Fernando Pacheco; Ximo Navarro (Tomás Tavares, min. 76), Laguardia, Lejeune, Rubén Duarte; Edgar Méndez (Borja Sáinz, min. 67), Tomás Pina (Jota Peleteiro, min. 76), Manu, Luis Rioja; Joselu and Deyverson (Lucas Pérez, min.46).


1-0, Roberto Torres (min. 67); 1-1, Lucas Pérez, from a penalty (min. 74).


Jaime Latre (Aragonese Committee)

He showed Rubén Martínez a direct red for knocking Deyverson out of the area (min. 8).

Tomás Pina (min. 37), Deyverson (min. 40), Calleri (min. 41), Lejeune (min. 55), Sergio Herrera (min. 64), Oier (min. 73) and Jota Peleteiro ( min. 82).