1-0: Wilstermann sinks Ceará

The Wilstermann Bolivian, already eliminated from the Cup
South American, beat this Thursday 1-0 at Ceara Brazilian, who also said goodbye to the tournament in Group C, from which Argentine Arsenal qualified for the round of 16. Sarandí’s formation was first in the group with 11 points and behind him were Ceará with 9, Bolívar with 6 and Wilstermann, who added 5.

The goal for the Bolivians in the 2,670 meters of altitude of the Félix Capriles stadium was by Argentine Patricio ‘Pato’ Rodríguez in the 74th minute. The first half was marked by the dominance and initiatives of the Bolivian team despite the fact that Ceará was the in need of going to seek victory, the only result that served him.

The locals managed the game around Brazilian Serginho, ‘Pato’ Rodríguez and disturbing Colombian striker Humberto Osorio. Only a shot in minute 10 by Lima, which later came out injured, was the only clear sign of Ceará in seeking victory. Not even the news that Arsenal were winning in Argentina against Bolivian Bolívar in the 14th minute made the Brazilians propose a more aggressive game against Wilstermann.

On the contrary, the hosts, led by Argentine coach Diego Cagna, showed greater conviction with arrivals from Serginho and Osorio who came close to opening the scoring in the duel.

In the second half, the pressure coming from Sarandí made coach Guto Ferreira put Saulo Mineiro and Mauricio Sobral on the field to restructure Ceará’s offense. However, this proposal from the Brazilian team had no results since Wilstermann continued to be dangerous with Osorio’s counterattacks against a Ceará that dominated more without depth.

The hit came in the 74th minute when Rodríguez, from a great game, finished with precision a good individual play thanks to a powerful and corner shot from goalkeeper Richard, who until that moment was correct. In the final stretch the locals wasted a couple of occasions to widen the gap.