1-0: Wanderers achieve a tight win against Bolívar

The Wanderers achieved a narrow 1-0 victory over the Bolivar, who left calm of Montevideo since he knows that now he will try to reverse the result at home in the difficult altitude of La Paz, when they meet in the second leg of Phase 2 of the Libertadores Cup.

A single goal in the 55th minute thanks to a lone header from Kevin Rolon -in a play in which it seemed to be offside-, gave the victory to the Uruguayan team.

The first half was blocked, with Wanderers trying to arrive but with a good posture from Bolívar, who controlled the actions of the game.

In the 10th minute, Bolivian team striker Álvaro Rey left the playing field due to an injury suffered after a foul by the local team.

At 42 minutes, forward Bruno Méndez had the clearest chance of the first half with a great shot that crashed off the crossbar after a good team play.

After the opening of the scoreboard just started the second half, Wanderers kept looking for the goal and had several goals that were well stopped by goalkeeper Javier Rojas.

The Uruguayan team never managed to overcome the defensive barrier of the Bolivians, who seemed to have left calm with the result.

The game was the last of the Wanderers defender and captain, Gerardo Alcoba, who announced his retirement from football and wore the captain’s ribbon with each of the shields he wore.

Alcoba had to leave the pitch at halftime; since he suffered an injury and said goodbye to the Alfredo Víctor Viera stadium with the hug of his teammates on the substitute bench.

– Data sheet:

1. Wanderers: Mauro Silveira; Paulo Lima, Gerado Alcoba (m.45, Damián Macaluso), Darwin Torres, Leonardo Pais; Kevin Rolón (m.67, Diego Hernández), César Araujo, Ignacio González (m.81, Santiago Martínez); Nicolás Quagliata (m.67, Diego Riolfo), Mauro Méndez (m.70, Maximiliano Pérez) and Renzo López.

Coach: Daniel Carreño.

0. Bolívar: Javier Rojas; Diego Bejarano, Jairo Quinteros, Alberto Guitián, Roberto Fernández; Alex Granell, Leonel Justiniano, Erwin Saavedra; Álvaro Rey (m.10, Jhon García), Bruno Miranda (m.77, César Menacho) and Leonardo Ramos.

Coach: Natxo González.

Goal: 1-0, m.55: Kevin Rolón.

Referee: The Chilean Cristian Garay expelled Menacho and admonished Torres, Araujo, Justiniano and Granell.

Incidents: First leg of Phase 2 of the Copa Libertadores played at the Alfredo Víctor Viera stadium, in Montevideo.