1-0: One goal is enough for the Dominican Republic

Dominican was supported by a play at full gallop that allowed forward Francisco Núñez to score this Wednesday the 1-0 that was enough to defeat Dominica, a rival with greater strength and physical resistance, although with less game strategy, on the first date of the qualifying rounds of the Concacaf for him Qatar World Cup 2022.

Núñez took advantage of a pass from Rudolf González to beat, in the 52nd minute, goalkeeper Glenson Prince, who throughout the match had much more work than his counterpart Rafael Díaz. The host team, under the command of Mexican Jacques Passy, ​​found better airs in the second half, as their work in the first 45 minutes went through initial moments of good tactics, but disappointed as the game progressed.

The defense that Dominica presented in that first section cut off the momentum of the Dominicans, held back by taller and stronger players who, however, lacked a coordinated attack that endangered their rivals. Dominica insisted on imposing its physique, while the Dominicans showed fatigue and offensive disorder.

The eleventh from the Dominican Republic was in this part tangled in front of the goal again and again. At the end of the first half he managed three consecutive corners, but the passing game was not his strong suit.

It was in the second half when the Dominican team seemed to find a breath of air against a tough opponent who never gave them the opportunity to show off. A counterattack was the gap that Passy’s team found to launch Prince, knowing that this was a unique opportunity, which Núñez took advantage of for the winning goal.

The second game for the Dominicans will be against Anguilla on Saturday in the United States. Group D is completed by Panama, the group leader, and Barbados.

1 – Dominican R.: Rafael Díaz; Luiyi De Lucas, Andrea Bosco, Cayetano Bonnin, Enmy Peña, Wilman Modesta, Carlos Heredia (m.72, Manny Rodríguez), Ronaldo Vásquez (m.84, Benjamín Núñez), Rudolf González (m.72, Jean Carlos López), Francisco Núñez (m.57, Domingo Peralta); Luis Núñez (m.84, Gianluigi Sueva).

0 – Dominica: Glenson Prince; Erskin Williams, Malcolm Joseph, Sidney Lockhart, Travist Joseph, Briel Thomas, Kelrick Walter, Fitz Joily, Chad Bertrand, Julian Wade; Javid George.

Goal: 1-0, Francisco Núñez (m. 52)

Referee: William Anderson (Puerto Rico). He admonished Thomas and Lockhart.

Incidence: Match corresponding to the first day of Group D of the Concacaf qualifying group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, played in front of several dozen fans at the Félix Sánchez stadium in Santo Domingo.