1-0: Cruz Azul, at the end of the Clausura

The cross
Blue of the Peruvian coach Juan Reynoso, defeated this Saturday 1-0 at Pachuca with a goal from Santiago Giménez to become the first finalist of the tournament Closure
2021 of Mexican soccer.

Giménez scored a goal in minute 51 and, after a 0-0 in the first leg, gave the Blues victory in an emotional duel, in which the home team dominated and ratified their defense as the most reliable of the season.

Pachuca owned the ball in the first five minutes, but after that the Blues were better with arrivals from the wings, although they lacked aim.

Orbelín Pineda arrived late to a cross into the area in the 14th minute, Luis Romo made a mistake in the definition a couple of times and the Uruguayan Jonathan Rodríguez crashed the ball on the crossbar in the 45th minute, in four clear arrivals of the celestial in the first weather.

The Pachuca took advantage of a mistake of the defense and touched the possibility of the goal; goalkeeper José de Jesús Corona was left with a point-blank shot from Víctor Guzmán, after which the Blues went on the attack.

There were nerves and tension during the game

Giménez escaped in the 49th minute and was in a heads-up with Argentine goalkeeper Óscar Ustari, to whom he handed the ball. Two minutes later, Giménez retaliated, accepted a serve from Luis Romo and with a header beat Ustari to score the 1-0 that decided the semifinal in favor of the home team.

Corona returned to save Cruz Azul in the 58th minute with a shot from the front by Argentine Gustavo Cabral, after which Reynoso made changes and put together a line of five behind, although he was careful to take advantage of the spaces in pursuit of a second goal.

The Olympic champions’ duel between Ustari and Corona gave greater excitement to the game, with great rhythm; In the 89th minute, Argentine Walter Montoya shot from behind and the Pachuca goalkeeper was left with the ball that threatened to overtake him.

Injury time was nervous because Pachuca, who suffered the expulsion of Cabral in the 94th minute, needed a goal to eliminate the rival for having scored as a visitor, but the celestial players were well planted and dried up the Tuzos attack.

In the final, Cruz Azul will seek its ninth league title against the winner between Santos Laguna and Puebla, a series that goes 3-0 in favor of Santos and will be decided this Sunday.