1-0. Burgos promoted to Second at the expense of Bilbao Athletic

It could not be. Bilbao Athletic is left without promotion to the Second Division after the 1-0 registered at Francisco de la Hera de Almendralejo. The team that goes up to the Second Division will be Burgos, who won the game in extra time thanks to a goal from Saul
Berjon, his great reference, in the 108th minute of the game. The veteran player of the Castilian team took advantage of a great play on the right wing of Alvaro Rodriguez and later center to finish off the networks of Ander

Despite the final disappointment, Bilbao Athletic put an end to a great season, in which it has remained the leader for many days and achieved a place in the promotion play-offs at the end of the third day of phase 2, when it was still There were three games left to reach the decisive phase.

The cubs defeated Celta B in the semifinal disputed last weekend in Extremadura, but yesterday they could not with the Castilians, who achieved a place in Second after twenty years without a military in this professional category of state football.

Burgos was somewhat better before the break, especially in the first twenty minutes of the game, when he came out much more plugged, ready to resolve on the fast track by putting high pressure on the cubs’ ball exit.

Little by little the team led by Joseba
Etxeberria The rival was shaking off on Sunday, but without creating clear scoring chances. At the most he got was to send two balls from the right wing, both from Alvaro
Nuñez. In the first he could not finish off with a head Artola, the man referenced above, and the second one was poisoned but eventually went away.

The best occasion of this first period was of those directed by Julian
Calero, who pressed more on the goal defended by Ander
Iru. Saul
Berjon made a nice play down the left wing and his ball topped it off with a head Juanma
Garcia when he had a good position to put the rojiblanco goal in trouble.

The game was equalized after passing through the changing rooms. Burgos no longer jumped onto the field as at the beginning of the clash, possibly playing with the result that benefited them.

Bartholomew, who started after breaking his nose in the semifinal, narrowly missed a pass from the right of Alvaro
Nunez and then the one who had it was Eneko
Undabarrena with a pitch from the front that cleared Iru in a very good intervention. It was the best chance for Burgos up to that point, but within a few minutes it was Bilbao Athletic in a center from the left of Imanol that do not finish or Williams neither Artola.

These were the best moments of Bilbao Athletic, when it has pressed the most on the Burgos area, which has begun to notice the physical wear and tear. The El Plantío team has been very tired in the final stretch of the ninety minutes and that has been taken advantage of by the cubs, with better legs, to dominate the game more and go towards the opposite goal.

Burgos was more dangerous on the counter, although their two occasions came with two shots from Saul
Berjon. Already on the edge of complying with the regulation time, Nico
Highlander, substitute for Cape, shot smoothly for Barovero. There was no time for more. The meeting went to extra time.

Equality dominated the first minutes of extra time, but Burgos had two clear chances. Also Diarra forced the Argentine goalkeeper to make a good intervention, but then came the play on the right wing of the side Alvaro and the auction at the pleasure of Saul
Berjon, the hero of the night. There the dream of Bilbao Athletic ended.

Burgos, 1

Barovero, Álvaro Rodríguez, Zabaco, Aitor Córdoba, Raúl Navarro, Mumo (Lobato, min. 88), Undabarrena, Elguezabal, Saúl Berjón (Javi Gómez, min. 112), Juanma (Alarcón, min. 90), Guillermo (Claudio Medina , min. 64)

, 0

Iru, Álvaro Núñez (Baqué, min. 109), Paredes (Luengo, min. 109), Jaso, Imanol, Prados (Bernaola, min. 106), Diarra (Guruzeta, min. 109), Nico Williams, Víctor (Ewan, min. 60), Cabo (Nico Serrano, min. 74), Artola


1-0: Saúl Berjón (min. 108)


Pérez Hernández (Madrid Committee). He admonished Guillermo (min. 40), Jaso (min. 43 and 121), Raúl Navarro (min. 67), Barovero (min. 84), Prados (min. 87), Claudio Medina (min. 125). He expelled Jaso in the min. 121 for a double yellow and Paredes (min. 124) when he had already been substituted.