0-4: City Torque thrashes at home to Guabirá

A cash City Torque Uruguayan gave this Thursday a 4-0 win at home to the weakened Guabirá Bolivian to settle in second place in group B of the South American Cup in the absence of a day to be disputed.

Group B is led by Independent Argentine with 11 points, City Torque and Bahia Brasileño with 8, although the first with the best goal difference, and Guabirá in the basement without points.

The favorite to qualify is the Argentine team that on the last day must receive the Bolivian team.

The goals for the Uruguayan squad at the Gilberto Parada stadium in the Bolivian city of Montero were scored by Gustavo Del Prete in minute 2, Franco Pizzichillo in minute 21, Andrew Teuten in minute 48 and José Álvarez in minute 52.

The Uruguayan team was present on the field from the beginning of the game with Del Prete’s goal just started the game after an error in the start of the premises and with a serene definition against Guabirá goalkeeper Saidt Mustafá.

After the account was opened, the visit delayed lines and gave up the midfield to Guabirá, who sought to rebuild himself with several attacks that were extinguished when his players approached the rival area.

In the 24th minute, after a foul on the edge of the area, Pizzichillo masterfully executed a free kick to Mustafa’s right corner that served to sign the second of the match.

The solidity of the Uruguayan team left the locals practically without reaction, barely hanging around the goalkeeper Gastón Guruceaga’s goal.

The second half had a similar start to the previous one, as only three minutes were enough for Teuten’s goal to arrive.

At 52 minutes into the game, Álvarez’s goal came against a Guabirá that was practically beaten and suffered from the lateral incursions of his rival.

The reaction of the locals differed very little from those they tried to put together in the first half, with approaches that mostly died near the rival area.