0-3: Aucas sentence in 5 minutes their pass to the group stage

The Aucas, from Quito, agreed this Thursday to the group stage of the Cup
South American with a symphony of football and goals, by winning 0-3 away from the Guayaquil
City in the first round of the South American tournament.

The Quito team will remain in the dispute of its fifth tournament thanks to the goals of the Argentine striker Francisco Fydriszewski (m.20), and the Ecuadorian midfielder Luis Cano (m.21) and (m.25).

Aucas also won in the first leg 2-1 with two goals from Argentine Fydriszewski, who in today’s game also opened the path to victory and the long-awaited classification.

As soon as the match began, Aucas took the development of the actions with order and tranquility, with the first objective of stifling the attempt to clear out from his own rival zone.

Then he began to string together plays between his midfielders Johnny Quiñónez, the Colombian Stiven Tapiero, the Chilean Ignacio Herrera and recharged by the left side Cano, who always received free of marking the passes of the Argentine attacker Víctor Figueroa.

The best football harmony of Aucas, from his defensive line, allowed him to take control of the ball and the actions.

The only dangerous move in favor of the local, came from a free kick by midfielder Fernando Gaibor, which forced the Uruguayan-Ecuadorian goalkeeper Damián Frascarelli, to go to the upper right corner to save his team, throwing the ball at the corner kick , at minute 17.

Three minutes later Aucas took the opposing defense in disorder, midfielder Quiñónez made a quick play, which was taken advantage of by Argentine striker Fydriszewski who, with a flush shot to the goalkeeper’s right side, scored the first goal.

Guayaquil City did not manage to assimilate the blow, because in the next attack his rival extended the advantage with a quick counterattack originated with a deep pass from Figueroa to Cano, who advanced a few meters and, when goalkeeper Máximo Banguera came out, he finished off to the side ( m.21).

Cano himself finished a great knit between the Argentines Fydriszewski and Figueroa, with a shot to one side of the goalkeeper, from close range (m.25).

While Aucas participates for the fifth time in the Sudamericana, Guayaquil City had a bad debut with two consecutive defeats, and with only one goal converted in the first leg by attacker Miguel Parrales.

0 – Guayaquil City: Máximo Banguera; Jean Humanante, Alan Aguirre, Agustín Ale (m.46, Flavio Caicedo), Bryan Rivera (m.46, Roger Arias); Jairo Jiménez, Kevin Sambonino (m.46, Marcos Caicedo), Fernando Gaibor, Renato César; Ángel Quiñónez (m.46, Abel Casquete) and Miguel Parrales.

Coach: Pool Gavilánez

3 – Aucas: Damián Frascarelli; Ángel Viotti (m.58, Marcos Olmedo), Franklin Carabalí (m.83, Carlos Medina), Angelo Pizzorno (m.83, Franklin Clavijo), Carlos Cuero; Stiven Tapiero, Johnny Quiñónez, Luis Cano, Ignacio Herrera (d.63, Janus Vivar); Víctor Figueroa and Francisco Fydriszewski (m.63, Roberto Ordóñez).

Coach: Héctor Bidoglio

Goals: 0-1, Francisco Fydriszewski (m. 20); 0-2, Luis Cano (m. 21); 0-3, Luis Cano (m. 25)

Referee: Luis Quiroz, from Ecuador, assisted by his compatriots Ricardo Baren and Edison Vázquez, admonished Quiñónez, Renato César, Carabalí, Parrales.

Incidents: Second leg of the first phase of the South American Cup played this Thursday at the Crhistian ‘Chucho’ Benítez stadium.